Virtuosi UK, a new team on the Auto GP grid

The Auto GP grid gets more and more interesting as the Series is happy to welcome another new entry for the 2012 season: it’s Virtuosi UK, a british outfit that has been newly set up purposedly for Auto GP by Businessman Declan Lohan, with Partners Andy Roche and Paul Devlin.Despite being a new team Virtuosi UK has old established roots founded in Andy and Paul. Andy has successfully Team Managed Formula 3000 and GP2 teams for over 20 years and with drivers who then made it to Formula One like Mark Webber, Sebastien Bourdais, Juan Pablo Montoya and more.In the last 7 years of this experience, Paul was working with Andy as a Chief Mechanic, and this is the role he will have also at Virtuosi UK, supervising the work of an experienced and skilled technical staff.The team will take part in the pre-season collective testing, while planning also a private outing before the start of the Series, set for Monza on 10-11 March.With the official website ( that will be up and running in two weeks time, in the meantime the team can be contacted at the following addresses:;; Coloni: “With Andy and Paul we’ve been rivals for years both in F3000 and GP2, and we have a lot of respect for what they achieved. There’s no doubt that they can deliver a top-notch job, so when they told me that they were creating a new team purposedly for Auto GP I was really delighted. We’re happy to welcome them in our Series, and we expect them to perform well straight out of the box. They may be the new kids on the block when the Series starts, but with all the top-tier experience they have I’m sure they will be tough competition for everybody”.Andy Roche: “We were amazed by the growth rate of Auto GP in the last two seasons, and we strongly believe that nowadays no other championship offers the driver the same value for money. That’s why, seeing that the drivers’ interest for the Series was high, we decided to step-in with a new outfit that boasts a very experienced technical staff. Our plan includes a test at end of February heading for the first race at Monza in March, and we are currently in discussions with several drivers and excellent team sponsors which will no doubt guarantee our ambition to success. Our aim is to establish our team as the one to beat in AutoGP”.