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EASTBOURNE boss Trevor Geer says an all-round balance will serve his side well in the 2012 Elite League.

The Eagles have lost last year’s No.1 Bjarne Pedersen, but have re-called all six of his team-mates and now have to make one further signing in their lower-order to comply with the points limit.

Geer said: “We had to lose points to get below the limit and it made more sense to lose Bjarne and bring in a rider lower down, otherwise we would have had to make more sweeping changes.

“I’m happy with the mix we have got so far, and two or three of them are capable of being No.1 in our team at any stage. Other teams may have two or three very good riders at the top end, but they are struggling further down. Like last season, we believe we have strength in depth.”

STOKE manager Malcolm Vasey says several names are being considered for the final two places in the Potters’ 2012 line-up.

Vasey is not expecting any decisions prior to this week’s National League AGM, but is excited about the club’s prospects for the new season with the riders signed so far.

He said: “I have several names which are being considered as both Dave (Tattum) and I are fully aware the last two places are just as important as the top end of the team. We are weighing up all our options as we look to make the right decisions for the team.“We are committed to moving the club forward and to have it challenging for honours this season as we were last, and I really do believe that the riders we have so far are more than capable of doing that. Both Ashley (Birks) and Richie (Worrall) were title winners last season and are determined to repeat that success.”

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