Under Two Litres on the Nordschleife

The AvD and organisers of the popular U2TC series for under two litre touring cars are offering the rare opportunity of a two-hour race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife for under two-litre cars during the 40th Oldtimer-Grand-Prix meeting, in 2012. This will be a first for the cars of smaller capacity that rarely get a chance to race in a field in which they can run at the front. “Initial response to this has been amazing”, said series coordinator, Carol Spagg. “It’s as if the drivers have been waiting for it, so quickly did they respond with their positive feedback.”

The race, which will take place on the Friday of the Oldtimer (August 10), will not replace the traditional Marathon, but will be a stand-alone race exclusively for under two-litre cars. “Being that there is enough room for a really big grid”, said the organisers, “we will also accept pre-’66 under two-litre GT cars of similar performance. These will have their own classes and podium, and many have already shown keen interest.” But organisers are also hoping to attract a large number of the smaller cars that were such an important part of the early days of the Touring Car Championship.”

Cars such as Abarth 850, 1000 TC, BMW 700 S Coupe, Steyr Puch 650 TC, Panhard 24 CT, DKW Junior, Cooper S 970, Saab 96 Sport and Hillman Imp would be particularly welcome. “Think of the fun they could have on the Nordschleife battling amongst themselves for their own class,” said Carol Spagg. “We are excited to be able to offer this race, as there are so many smaller capacity cars that we don’t see so often that we are sure would enjoy the opportunity”, said Hubertus Dönhoff, the original creator of the Oldtimer Grand Prix. Regulations will be available soon.

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