ROUND 2  FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 9 - 12 February 2012Rally RouteThe major change is a full day in Norway during Friday’s opening leg, over roads used during the final running of Rally Norway in 2009.  Otherwise the format is familiar, with the event based in Karlstad, the major service park at Hagfors Airport and stages in the Värmland and Dalarna regions of Sweden.  After Thursday morning’s qualifying test near Hagfors, the rally begins with a super special stage at Karlstad’s trotting track that evening.  The opening leg is the longest and includes six stages in Norway, as well as a test that starts in Sweden before crossing the border to finish in Norway.  A remote service will be held in the Norwegian town of Kongsvinger.  The final two days are based in the Dalarna region near Hagfors, almost all on roads used last year.  The final 4.66km Hagfors Power Stage will offer bonus points for the fastest three drivers.  The finish is in Karlstad’s main square on Sunday afternoon, after 24 stages covering 349.16km in a route of 1842.60km.Thursday 9 February: Qualifying and Day 1QS      Råda              3.99km 10.33Start   Karlstad                        20.00SS1     SSS Karlstad 1            1.90km        20.04Finish   Karlstad                        20.44Friday 10 February: Day 1 (continued) Karlstad - KarlstadStart   Karlstad                                05.00Serv A  Hagfors (15 mins)                       06.10SS2     Mitandersfors                   27.07km 08.04SS3     Opaker 1                        20.17km 09.28SS4     Kirkener 1                       7.10km  10.03SS5     Finnskogen 1                    20.97km 10.38RSB     Kongsvinger (15 mins)                   11.57SS6     Opaker 2                        20.17km 12.48SS7     Kirkener 2                       7.10km  13.23SS8     Finnskogen 2                    20.97km 13.58SS9     Torsby                  19.21km 16.05Serv C  Hagfors (45 mins)                       16.45SS10    SSS Karlstad 2            1.90km 19.20Finish   Karlstad                        20.00Total                       144.66kmSaturday 11 February: Day 2 Karlstad - KarlstadStart   Karlstad                                06.00Serv D  Hagfors (15 mins)                       07.10SS11    Vargåsen 1                      24.63km 07.58SS12    Sågen 1                 14.23km 09.46SS13    Fredriksberg 1                  18.15km 10.46SS14    Hagfors Sprint 1                          1.87km 12.03Serv E  Hagfors (30 mins)                       12.43SS15    Vargåsen 2                      24.63km 13.46SS16    Sågen 2                 14.23km 15.34SS17    Fredriksberg 2                  18.15km 16.34SS18    Hagfors Sprint 2                          1.87km 17.51Serv F  Hagfors (45 mins)                       18.21Finish   Karlstad                        20.26Total                                               117.76kmSunday 12 February: Day 3 Karlstad - KarlstadStart   Karlstad                                06.10Serv G  Hagfors (15 mins)                       07.20SS19    Lesjöfors 1                     15.00km 08.34SS20    Rämmen 1                        22.76km 09.10SS21    Hagfors 1                         4.66km  09.59Serv H  Hagfors (30 mins)                       10.39SS22    Lesjöfors 2                     15.00km 12.08SS23    Rämmen 2                        22.76km 12.44SS24    Hagfors 2                         4.66km  14.11Serv I  Hagfors (10 mins)                       14.51Finish   Main Square, Karlstad                   16.16Total                             84.84kmRally total                       349.16km

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