LoTRDC at the MSVR Media Day open to the public

LoTRDC will be attending the MSVR Media Day at Brands Hatch on 14th February, as MSV’s racing division, which administers Lotus Cup UK and Europe plus the Elise Trophy, launches its 2012 season.

All of LoTRDC’s series will be represented, with cars from almost every class of the Lotus Cup. The Strattons-run Lotus Evora that took overall honours at the 2011 season-closing Lotus 1000km will be joined by the Fox-entered Open class Exige that won the previous year’s event and Mark Gooday’s black-and-gold 2-Eleven. The famous number 2 Elise that was driven by Jake Humphrey and Wing Commander Andy Green before completing two 24 hour races in 2011 can also be found in the LoTRDC garages.

Promoting the Lotus Festival that takes place on 18th-19th August will be a Lotus 101 Formula 1 car once driven by Nelson Piquet and Satoru Nakajima and this will be running on track with the LoTRDC racers as well as in a few sessions on its own. Cars representing the Elan and Cortina ‘Lotus Twin-Cam’ Festival race are also expected at the event.

The MSVR Media Day is open to the public and takes place from 9am to 5pm. As well as representation from every MSVR series, test sessions will be run during the day.