Circuit des Remparts 2012 - Angouleme

Circuit des Remparts 2012 - Angouleme

This is one of the events that everyone tells me is just a hidden treasure - where you get to see some interesting racecars haring around the historic walled city of Angouleme - situated in the middle of a triangle between La Rochelle, Limoges and Bordeaux.

Anyway we have just a built a site for Debbie Stott who has established her new company as Grand Classic Tours.

Grand Classic Tours provide "bespoke worldwide motoring experiences, unique driving adventures, personalised to perfection."

Basically if as an individual or a club you wish to attend the Circuit des Remparts - Angouleme 2012, Mille Miglia 2013 etc - Debbie has worked with both Thomas Cook Sport / Airtrack and Grandstand Motor Sports, and gained invaluable experience organising and leading tours to F1 and Classic events, along with running a Classic car club since 1993.

Her new venture formalises this as a trading entity - and she would welcome any enquiries

More importantly her many years driving around Europe, often taking 60 cars or so on holiday with her, has enabled Debbie to find most of the “driver” roads allowing her now to recommend and suggest some of the best routes in Europe.

(Basically she drives a 7 - appreciates that there is a lot more to be fun to be had driving enthusiastically off the beaten track on proper roads - which often attract less attention from "Les Flics").

If watching an eclectic mix of racecars from vintage stuff to delightful Alpine A110's, exotica like Matra and Ligier flicks your switch - give Debbie a call.

I am reliably informed that Circuit des Remparts - Angouleme event has a very laid back old school non-corporate vibe - as you can see from the video below -  the circuit is decent driving challenge and reflects a nicely chilled approach to Health and Safety - there's not exactly Silverstone levels of run off!

To find out more visit the Grand Classic Tours web site link below:

Click here for the Grand Classic Tours web site - designed and built by Racecar

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