Rally RouteThe route covers familiar territory in the Sierra de Lobos mountains north and east of León.  Following Thursday morning’s qualifying, the rally begins with an evening start ceremony in Guanajuato, after which competitors go directly into a street test. 

The city is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site, famed for rich veins of silver and gold discovered centuries ago, and the stage will wind along wall-lined cobbled roads and through floodlit tunnels which once formed mine shafts.  Friday’s opening leg is based close to the city, ending with two tests in darkness at León’s race circuit.  It contains two new stages, with two more used in the opposite direction to last year. 

The second day is closer to León and covers a massive 183.80km, including a further two circuit tests.  The final leg includes the daunting 54.30km Guanajuatito test, one of the longest of the season, before ending with the Power Stage, which offers bonus points to the fastest three drivers.  Competitors tackle 24 stages covering 407.87km in a route of 1174.76km.Thursday 8 March: Qualifying and Day 1QS      La Laborcita              5.18km 10.58 Start   León Poliforum                  18.15SS1     Street Stage Guanajuato          1.05km  20.09Finish   León Poliforum                  21.29Friday 9 March: Day 1 (continued) León - LeónServ A  León Poliforum (15 mins)                        07.00SS2     El Cubilete 1                   22.12km 08.08SS3     Las Minas 1                     15.21km 09.06SS4     Los Mexicanos 1                  9.76km  09.47SS5     Ortega 1                        23.69km 10.08Serv B  León Poliforum (30 mins)                        12.13SS6     El Cubilete 2                   22.12km 13.36SS7     Las Minas 2                     15.21km 14.34SS8     Los Mexicanos 2                  9.76km  15.15SS9     Ortega 2                        23.69km 15.36SS10    Street Stage León                         1.23km  17.24  

Serv C  León Poliforum (flexi 45 mins)          17.41SS11    Super Special 1                   2.21km 20.13SS12    Super Special 2                   2.21km 20.18Finish   León Poliforum                  20.48Total                         147.21kmSaturday 10 March: Day 2 León - LeónServ D  León Poliforum (15 mins)                        06.00SS13    Ibarrilla 1                     29.90km 06.54SS14    Otates 1                        41.88km 08.12Serv E  León Poliforum (30 mins)                        09.57SS15    Ibarrilla 2                     29.90km 11.06SS16    Otates 2                        41.88km 12.24Serv F  León Poliforum (30 mins)                        14.09SS17    Comanjilla 1                    17.91km 15.30SS18    Super Special 3                   2.21km 16.45SS19    Super Special 4                   2.21km 16.50SS20    Comanjilla 2                    17.91km 17.23Serv G  León Poliforum (flexi 45 mins)          18.38Finish   León Poliforum                  19.23Total                                                       183.80kmSunday 11 March: Day 3 León - LeónServ H  León Poliforum (15 mins)                        08.30SS21    Super Special 5                   4.42km 09.30SS22    Guanajuatito                    54.30km 10.33SS23    Derramadero                     10.58km  12.06SS24    VW Power Stage                    5.46km  12.31Serv I  León Poliforum (10 mins)                        13.21Finish   León Poliforum                  14.15

Total                              74.76kmRally total                         407.87km