Ocean ends Barcelona GP2 tests on a high note

This week, Ocean Racing Technology spent three days of intense work on the Barcelona circuit, where it took part in the last of the GP2 Series off-season test sessions. Nigel Melker and Jon Lancaster were behind the wheel of the team's blue and black single-seaters. At the end of these three days, the result was positive, not only because of the volume of work accomplished, but due to the lap times, which were consistent and in line with the program developed by the Portuguese team.Nigel Melker, who had already taken part in last week's test sessions at Jerez de la Frontera, did not conceal his satisfaction when looking back at the job done. "The first day, we had a few brake problems, but the second day we made some modifications which enabled the system to operate to perfection. After that, we kept on improving. The last day, I did a qualifying and race simulation, which yielded the results expected. I learned a lot and I think that we are prepared enough to tackle the races in Malaysia."Jon Lancaster, whose last single-seater race dates back to F2 and AutoGP in summer of 2011, got to discover the GP2 Series from scratch. "It's good to be back behind the wheel of a competitive car, and especially a GP2," the British driver declared, "I learned a lot of things in the past three days. The team is excellent and I think that we did some good work. I am content with my performances."One of Ocean Racing Technology's directors, José Guedes, said he was very pleased with the results obtained in Barcelona. "The team focused its work on three aspects: we first had to test a wide range of options, analyze the car's behaviour for the race that will be held here later in the season, and develop the car for the long term." We got some important information and at the same time our qualifying and race simulations were a success. It bodes well for the season."The first GP2 Series races will be held in Malaysia on March 24 and 25.

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