Ocean announce Carmen Jorda and Robert Cregan for GP3

After the official announcement of the participation of the Portuguese team in the GP3 Series, is now time to announce two of the drivers who will integrate the structure: the Spanish Carmen Jorda experienced in F3 championships and Robert Cregan that recently debuted in V8 Supercars.For Carmen this is an excellent opportunity: "I am delighted with this agreement, especially because Ocean is an experienced team in GP2. I think we can develop a good work together. I'm sure they will help me to improve my performance. I am eager to test the car, that I am sure is very different from the Indy Light that was used to. I'll be a rookie in the championship but I'm sure I'll improve race by race. I must thank all those who helped me build this project", said the Spanish driver.

For the Irish driver this will be a debut in the competition: "I have already tested a GP3 car, but I also know that the first race will be hard and I have to learn a lot. Test next week will be very important. I trust in my ability to adapt to this new reality and hope to gradually improve. I think I will be able to run in the top five in the short term", said Cregan.Tiago Monteiro and José Guedes welcome the two new faces of the team: "We are very pleased to have Robert and Carmen in the Ocean. They are very welcome and together we can do a good job for sure. The test in Barcelona next week will be our debut in GP3. We will have a lot of work to do, but we are very motivated and eager to begin preparing for the season", they said.

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