Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: prepared for the future

Company Release

 At Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, we prepare for the future in everything we do.

Every aspect of our business is analysed, refined and improved – not only in the quest for greater performance, but also for greater efficiency.And that’s why we firmly believe that the ethos of Formula 1 – both on and off the racetrack – means it not only occupies a place within sustainable culture, but, uniquely for a world sport, can actually provide steps to improve it.Whether it’s via the equipment in our race team, our production centres or our operational headquarters or by refining our methods of operational deployment, we are constantly pioneering future technologies, developing new methodologies and relentlessly innovating in order to improve the automotive and technological processes that, one day, will power our homes, vehicles and appliances.How are we doing this? In the past three years, we’ve taken some crucial first steps, including:-          A concerted three-year assessment programme to more effectively manage our carbon footprint within the McLaren Technology Centre. This resulted in annual savings of over 1500 tonnes of CO2 emissions and enabled Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to become the first team in Formula 1 to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard.-          In 2012, our efforts were recognised by the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme. The league’s performance table of more than 2000 participating British businesses saw us ranked 92nd overall.-          Last December, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was officially certified as Formula 1’s first-ever carbon neutral team – achieved through careful management of our carbon emissions and offset by selective purchasing of carbon credits to assist with community environmental schemes in Brazil and India.-          More recently, our efforts have been noted by the United States’ Edison Awards, which recognises the efforts of key innovators. Along with two other businesses, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has been nominated for the prestigious Edison Green Award, and we will learn the outcome of our nomination at the 2012 Edison Awards in New York at the end of April.“Formula 1 is uniquely placed to play a critical role in the definition, development and implementation of new automotive and technological solutions,” said Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team principal Martin Whitmarsh. “The racer’s mentality isn’t merely limited to simply going faster: we’re always looking for new ways to reduce weight, improve efficiency, streamline systems and refine manufacturing processes – because they all inherently underline our commitment to efficiency and improving consumption. In effect, we’re always exploring better ways to be better.“The recognition of our efforts by the Carbon Trust and the Edison Awards, and our achievement in becoming the first-ever fully carbon-neutral Formula 1 team, are all important markers for us – but it’s important that we recognise them as merely first steps along a greater journey. I think Formula 1 is primed to significantly embrace future technologies over the next decade, and I’m passionate that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes be able to play a key role in the development and definition of sport and society.”McLaren Racing’s managing director Jonathan Neale added: “For 2014, we have a step-change in the regulations: the engines are getting smaller, we’re re-introducing turbo-charging, exploring exhaust energy recovery and doubling the power of kinetic energy recovery, I think that’s going to set a long-term trend for the sport becoming more energy-restricted – it won’t be any less of a show or any less dramatic, but it does add a new dimension.“And lots of organisations are working with us: Vodafone has streamlined and integrated our entire communications system, AkzoNobel has brought incredible gains in efficiency to our paint processes, and the products from ExxonMobil in our machine shop mean our oils and waste are controlled in a much more careful and environmentally friendly way.“Our investors, employees, sub-contractors, fans and the local community all expect the very highest of professional standards from us. That means we’re socially responsible, and we’re fiercely proud to have a Carbon Trust Standard certificate and to have become the first carbon-neutral Formula 1 team, but it’s just a step along the way – we haven’t yet reached our final destination.”Critically, our efforts are also endorsed and underlined by many of our partners, such as Vodafone, ExxonMobil, Diageo and AkzoNobel, who value our approach and share our values.Vodafone group brand director Claire Sheikh said: “Vodafone is really pleased that McLaren is thinking about its carbon impact and has taken steps to reduce the emissions from their Technology Centre, as well as training logistics drivers in efficiency and offsetting the carbon from its operations.

“Vodafone shares this carbon commitment and we have improved our own energy efficiency and use of renewable energy across our operations and are also focused on delivering low-carbon products and services that enable our customers to reduce their own carbon impact, for example by using our machine-to-machine technology to deliver more efficient logistics.”Alan Kelly, president ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants & Specialties Marketing Company, said: “ExxonMobil and McLaren have been partners for 18 years and share many like-minded values, not least our mutual commitment to ensure our businesses achieve long-term sustainability goals. ExxonMobil would like to congratulate Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for its recent outstanding achievements and for its continued commitment to a better future.”  Diageo’s president of global supply and procurement, David Gosnell, added: “It is very encouraging to see Vodafone McLaren Mercedes make such significant progress. Diageo is similarly committed to minimising our environmental impact across the full range of our operations and we are working to extend this further through our value chain. We are continuously striving for improvement and have established challenging environmental targets to drive our environmental performance. And, like the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, we are committed to harnessing the latest technologies available to build towards these goals – sharing these technologies is important and we encourage others to do the same.”

Jim Rees, managing director for AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Aerospace business, said: “Sustainability is a key part of our strategy and we are proud that our innovative capabilities have contributed to McLaren becoming the first ever carbon neutral Formula 1 team. Looking to the future, the aim is to further build on this successful technology partnership and develop the next generation of sustainable coatings.”While we’re fully aware that we are only at the start of the path, we’re proud of our efforts and our achievements, and we believe that they truly reflect Formula 1’s pioneering spirit to effect change within a wider context.Accordingly, our new MP4-27 car now features a uniquely commissioned ‘certified carbon neutral’ logo as well as the Carbon Trust Standard decal.For us, this is merely the start of our journey – we hope you’ll continue to follow and support us.