Ocean Racing Technology conducts its first GP3 Series tests

Carmen Jorda and Robert Cregan grow accustomed to the team and the car  This week in Barcelona, the first GP3 Series off-season tests were held. It was a chance for Ocean Racing Technology to discover the series with drivers Carmen Jorda and Robert Cregan. The two rookies adapted well to their new environment, and are now preparing for a new test session that will take place at Silverstone on April 11 and 12. Carmen Jorda is satisfied with the first phase of her education in the GP3 Series. "We did a lot of work the past two days. I am impressed with this car's chassis and engine, which require a lot of adapting. We made good progress between the start and finish of the tests, and I am very happy with how they went," the Spanish driver declared. "The team is fantastic and already taught me a lot. We will continue this intense and crucial work in order to be more competitive for the first races of the championship." Robert Cregan is also very enthusiastic after this first promising contact. "From my point of view, everything went well. We improved many points throughout these two days and it just increases my motivation," stressed the Irish driver, "I had never driven at Barcelona and so I had to learn the circuit. We worked on race setups, and we conducted an interesting race simulation. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to have a fast lap because a series of red flags disrupted the series of laps I was doing on new tyres. I learned a lot of things that we will put into practice the next time. We are on the right path." For Tiago Monteiro, who guided his team throughout the tests, the overall assessment is positive. "Our tests were conclusive. We did not have any technical problems and that is very important in this initial phase. Our drivers don't have much experience with single-seaters, but they adapted gradually, and adapted well. These two days were essential for enabling the team and its drivers to get their reference points in this new environment," declared Tiago Monteiro. Ocean Racing Technology's other director, Jose Guedes, congratulated the entire Portuguese team, "Everyone deserves to be congratulated because the team only had two weeks to prepare for these first tests and to be ready for these two days of testing."