Friday Practice at Red Bull

Car 2, Mark Webber “We did learn a little today – but after nine weeks of anxious waiting it was a shame with the weather. Mother Nature played a big role and it made it quite challenging for everyone. We got some dry running at the end of each session, which was good. The track was drying out reasonably quickly, but there were still a few sections at the end that were damp. In the end we got what we could out of it, but we still have some work to do. It was compromised running for everyone; I’m looking forward to coming back tomorrow.” Car 1, Sebastian Vettel“I think obviously with the conditions it’s difficult to get a lot of running, but it was the same for all of us. The little time we had in the car this afternoon was okay, but now we have to find the balance and learn a bit more about the car. The important thing now is to make a step overnight and go from there. Track time is important when the car is still young.”MARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 5, Best Time: 1:28.467, Laps: 21 Second Practice Session    Position: 11, Best Time 1:32.296, Laps: 20 SEBASTIAN VETTELFirst Practice SessionPosition: 11, Best Time: 1:29.790, Laps: 21 Second Practice Session    Position: 10, Best Time: 1:32.194, Laps: 19PEOPLE TALK A Formula One team is all about the people, but away from the racing what makes our team members tick? While we're powered by Renault in the RB8 and away from track we enjoy the performance of Infiniti vehicles, Rob Marshall digs deep into his memory to recall how his passion for cars started and how it helped to ignite other passions as well... MY FIRST CAR… was a 1965 MG Midget. It was red with a black interior, bucket seats and no roof and it was called Toulouse le Midget. I got it from a local farmer who clearly got bored of it; I paid 700 pounds, which was quite a lot then. It was a brilliant car and I have good memories of it. I once had a close call when I was driving past the pub I used to go to at university. I was clearly showing off, it was wet and I put my foot down a bit too hard and went spinning across the road into the oncoming traffic. I emerged the other side half on the pavement, luckily unscathed. In the end the engine blew up and I couldn’t afford to re-do it. I bought an MGA after that, which was particularly good as the handbrake was in the foot well of the passenger seat. To put it on, you had to lean across, which meant when you had lady passengers you could get a bit physical, which was always good. I still have that car now actually. Chief Designer, Rob Marshall

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