Speedway News and Fixtures


BELLE Vue have called up Chris Schramm to stand-in for Travis McGowan in the opening Elite League match of the season at Eastbourne on Saturday.McGowan is awaiting his work permit so ex-Eagle Schramm, currently without a club, steps in after the Aces had initially planned to sign Cory Gathercole whilst his fellow Aussie is left on the sidelines.Gathercole had been out of a job since the closure of Newport but withdrew from his agreement with the Aces after receiving an offer from Premier League club Plymouth. Boss Jim Lynch had told him he wouldn't hold him to his Belle Vue offer if a regular job came along.McGowan said: “This is all very frustrating because it has been dragging on but all I can is to play a waiting game.”


WORKINGTON star Kenny Ingalls is now back in the UK after visa problems forced him to return to the United States earlier this month.It means Ingalls will be available to start the season both for the Comets and for Elite League Swindon with whom he is doubling-up.Workington boss Tony Jackson said: “Kenny flew into Britain at the beginning of March but unfortunately they would not let him enter the country and he was sent back to the States the same day. “Thankfully when he was back home a visit to the American Embassy saw him get all the necessary paperwork problems resolved and he flew back into Britain at the weekend. He’s now busy building up his bikes in time for the Comets’ Press and Practise Day, which takes place this Saturday afternoon at Derwent Park.”(FIXTURES)

WEDNESDAY MARCH 21:ELITE SHIELD 2nd leg: Poole v Wolverhampton 7.30

THURSDAY MARCH 22:LEAGUE CUP: Redcar v Edinburgh 7.30MIDLAND LEAGUE: Birmingham v Wolverhampton 7.30WAR OF THE ROSES: Sheffield v Belle Vue 7.45CHALLENGE 1st leg: Swindon v Somerset Select 7.30STAR OF ANGLIA: Ipswich 7.30

FRIDAY MARCH 23:LEAGUE CUP: Plymouth v Rye House 7.30, Scunthorpe v Berwick 7.30MIDLAND LEAGUE: Coventry v Birmingham 8pmCHALLENGE 2nd leg: Somerset Select v Swindon 7.30SCOTTISH OPEN: Edinburgh 7.15

SATURDAY MARCH 24:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Eastbourne v Belle Vue 7.30PREMIER LEAGUE: Rye House v Sheffield 7pmTYNE TWEED TROPHY 1st leg: Berwick v Newcastle 7pm

SUNDAY MARCH 25:SPRING TROPHY 1st leg: Glasgow v Edinburgh 4pmCHALLENGE 2nd leg: Leicester v Scunthorpe 6pmTYNE TWEED TROPHY 2nd leg: Newcastle v Berwick 6.30