Ocean Racing Technology wants to shine in Malaysia

for the start of the GP2 Series 

Ocean Racing Technology will be taking part in the first two races of the GP2 Series season, March 23-25 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nigel Melker and Jon Lancaster will be the two drivers taking the wheel in the Portuguese team's single-seaters.

After some good winter tests conducted on two very different circuits, which provided a chance to work on every aspect of the car's set-ups, Nigel Melker, who was one of the headliners in 2011's GP3 Series, says he is confident for the meeting at Sepang, which will take place before the Formula 1 race. "After the tests we made, I think that we are well prepared for the first race. The weekend will be difficult, and we are all expecting a lot, but I have to say that with all the work we have done in the past few weeks, I am confident and can't wait to race at Sepang."

Jon Lancaster joined Ocean Racing Technology over the winter, and took part in the Barcelona tests, which gave him a good feeling. "I know that I have a lot of work to do to adapt to this new stage in my career, the GP2 Series. The first weekend will be very important because it will be the first time I am racing in a competition in this championship, but also because it will be the first time we can compare ourselves to our competitors and find out where we stand. I am optimistic and confident."

Jose Guedes and Tiago Monteiro feel that the team's potential is strong and are impatiently awaiting the first confrontation of the weekend. "We have brought together the necessary conditions to do great things. Our technical crew is excellent and our two drivers are great professionals, fast and consistent. We just hope that these qualities will be reflected in the race results," declared Ocean Racing Technology's managers.

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