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EDINBURGH’S Scottish Open on Friday will definitely have a new face on top of the rostrum – as there are no former winners in the event.Home fans will be hoping to see the first Monarchs winner of the meeting since Rory Schlein back in 2004, although current team members Andrew Tully, Craig Cook and Theo Pijper have all been top-three finishers in the past.Riders who have already displayed regular winning form at Armadale include Rene Bach, Kevin Doolan, Mark Lemon and Ulrich Ostergaard, and perhaps the most highly rated of all might be Monarchs asset Kevin Wolbert who topped the club’s averages last year, and is now in the Elite League with King’s Lynn.Monarchs promoter Alex Harkess said: “I can’t see how anyone could confidently pick a winner from that field.”


THURSDAY MARCH 22:LEAGUE CUP: Redcar v Edinburgh 7.30MIDLAND LEAGUE: Birmingham v Wolverhampton 7.30WAR OF THE ROSES: Sheffield v Belle Vue 7.45CHALLENGE 1st leg: Swindon v Somerset Select 7.30STAR OF ANGLIA: Ipswich 7.30

FRIDAY MARCH 23:LEAGUE CUP: Plymouth v Rye House 7.30, Scunthorpe v Berwick 7.30MIDLAND LEAGUE: Coventry v Birmingham 8pmCHALLENGE 2nd leg: Somerset Select v Swindon 7.30SCOTTISH OPEN: Edinburgh 7.30

SATURDAY MARCH 24:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Eastbourne v Belle Vue 7.30PREMIER LEAGUE: Rye House v Sheffield 7pmTYNE TWEED TROPHY 1st leg: Berwick v Newcastle 7pm

SUNDAY MARCH 25:SPRING TROPHY 1st leg: Glasgow v Edinburgh 4pmCHALLENGE 2nd leg: Leicester v Scunthorpe 6pmTYNE TWEED TROPHY 2nd leg: Newcastle v Berwick 6.30

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