Red Bull in Friday Practice

Car 1, Sebastian Vettel“I would love to be a bit higher up this afternoon, but all in all we had decent running today – although there is still a lot to do. The tyres drop off quite quickly here, which is the same for all the drivers, but I think we are sliding quite a bit and I would like the car to be a bit more stable. We made a good step today, the potential is there, but we need to get to it. We will see what we can do tomorrow.” Car 2, Mark Webber “We got through our whole program today, which was good and P1 and P2 went smoothly. Obviously it's a different venue altogether to Melbourne, so understanding the tyres is important here. The rain held off, which is always fortunate and we have plenty of work to go through regarding our car set up and the tyres. In terms of the heat here, it’s fine, obviously it's warm in the car but we come prepared for that.” SEBASTIAN VETTELFirst Practice SessionPosition: 2, Best Time: 1:38.535, Laps: 21 Second Practice Session    Position: 10, Best Time: 1:39.402, Laps: 25MARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 6, Best Time: 1:39.092, Laps: 20 Second Practice Session    Position: 7, Best Time 1:39.133, Laps: 29 ***************************************************PEOPLE TALK: A Formula One team is all about the people, but away from the racing what makes our team members tick? This race, Sebastian’s race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin explains why kids are the perfect F1 off-switch and how woodwork would be good work...How would you describe your job? I run Sebastian’s car. My job is to supervise the build of the car back at the factory and once we get it to the race we have to make the most out of it to get the best result possible. How do you think your colleagues would describe you in three words? That’s impossible! Not easily approachable, serious and professional (I’d like to think!).When do you get most nervous over a race weekend? Just before qualifying, but once it starts everything is fine. For me, qualifying is more stressful than the race. What’s the best thing about your job? It’s about results – as opposed to working in a bank, where you don’t know what the outcome is. You could do the same job for years and not know if you’re actually doing a good job, what I like about Formula One is that every day you know if you’re hitting the target or not. How do you relax outside of Formula One? I’ve got three young children and they don’t care about Formula One. As soon as I get home I can tell them anything about my job and they’re not interested, so that’s how I relax because they don’t want to talk about it. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? The best advice was: make sure your part of the job is done. It’s very easy to get distracted because sometimes things aren’t working the way they should or whatever. But these can be things outside your control. It’s very important to make sure that the small part of the weekend’s work that is mine gets done to the best of my ability.What part of a race weekend do you most look forward to? Qualifying. It’s stressful and nerve-racking, but it‘s very rewarding too. What’s the worst thing about the job? The travel. Twenty-four hrs on a plane is never good. What would you be doing if you couldn’t work in motorsport? I’d be a carpenter.

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