New Avon 3D Ultra tyres shine in Spain

Avon Tyres’ new 3D Ultra sports tyres exceeded expectations at the official launch at the Almeria circuit in Spain, despite some very tricky weather conditions.

The new family of Avon sports tyres was officially unveiled at an international launch in Spain, which saw many customers and journalists from Europe and around the world put the whole range of 3D Ultras through their paces on the 2.6-mile track.

With snow in the morning and rain later, it wasn’t until the afternoon that the assembled journalists could head out on track with a dry line. When they did, the 3D Ultras were quickly put to the test.

Riders attending the launch, including very seasoned racers, heaped praise on the new Avon 3D Ultras.

Niall Mackenzie, three-time British Superbike champion and ex-500cc GP star, said, “Riding on both the Supersport and Xtreme versions of the 3D Ultra on track made me realise that these are as good as anything I’ve used on a trackday for many years. It’s a brave move for Avon to take on some of the more popular names in this sector of sports tyres, but they’ve done a really good job.”

Bob Collins, who races both modern and classic machines, said, “All the 3D Ultras were good, with a confidence-inspiring front end, while the rear was very predictable. The 3D Ultra Sport was fantastic, while the Xtreme inspired the same amount of confidence as the other class-leading track day tyres I’ve tried. I’m very impressed.”

Rob Hoyles, ex-British Superstock racer and motorcycle journalist, said, “Damp, cold conditions aren’t ideal for tyre testing, but the fast warm-up and feel from the 3D Ultra Supersport tyres gave me bags of confidence. Later in the day on Xtremes this feeling continued – I’d happily fit these to any sports bike on any track day. They are superb.”

The 3D Ultra range of tyres is the culmination of 100 years of motorcycle tyre manufacturing. They offer sportsbike riders the perfect compromise between high performance, longevity and excellent value.

The 3D Ultra range is a new range of tyres for sports-oriented motorcycles and comes in three distinct versions:

■3D Ultra Sport – the perfect compromise between grip and tread life for road-going sports machines■3D Ultra Supersport – a soft-compound version of 3D Ultra Sport for road and track■3D Ultra Xtreme – for track days onlyAll versions of 3D Ultra share some advanced features. 3D sipes are cut into the tread of the tyres, and these feature interlocking three-dimensional points which improve stability, grip, limiting tread flex and allowing the tyre to warm-up in less time.

A new design of wind-on-belt material is used in the construction of the rear tyres, which helps to increase the footprint size at all lean angles, improving grip.

Triple Extrusion or ‘TE’ tread compounds places durable rubber on the centre of the tyre to give good mileage and softer compounds on the shoulders of the tyre so you have increased grip where you need it most – in the corners.

A third compound below binds both together and helps the tyre stay cooler, so it lasts longer.

On both 3D Ultra Sport and Supersport, Avon Tyres’ unique Avon Road Hazard Warranty is included.

Avon 3D Ultra is available in the following sizes:

3D Ultra SportFront (AV79): 120/60 ZR17, 120/70 ZR17, 130/70 ZR16Rear (AV80): 150/60 ZR17, 160/60 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17, 200/50 ZR17

3D Ultra SupersportFront (AV79): 120/60 ZR17, 120/70 ZR17Rear (AV80): 160/60 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17

3D Ultra XtremeFront: (AV81): 120/70 ZR17Rear: (AV82): 180/55 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17

3D Ultra tyres are available now from all good motorcycle tyre stockists and dealers.

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