AutoGP Rookie Cunha, There’s much more to come

Brazilian talent Yann Cunha is one of the three newcomers of the Auto GP Valencia weekend. Champion of the F3 South-American championship in 2010, the driver from Brazilia is facing his maiden race weekend on high-powered machinery but despite that he already boasted some very consistent performances. After qualifying just below the top ten, Yann in Race 1 was set for a good P8 finish when he slipped on the oil left on track by Guerin’s car, losing a lot of time and ending the race in P13.“Yes, it was quite unfortunate. There was really a lot of oil on track, and there was nothing you could do apart from trying to avoid the stranded cars. I did that, but I had to take the long way through the grass and lost a lot of time. It was a pity because until that moment the race had been good. I had a good start, passing from P11 to P9, and then I was following Snegirev and Van der Drift quite easily. Considering how they ended the race, I could have been seventh at least, but that oil ruined my race”.It was also your first experience with the pit-stop, how did it go?“That’s right, before I had never raced in a championship with the mandatory pit-stop, and it’s not easy as it seems. It’s not just the stop itself, but it’s also the stance you’ve got to keep for the in and the out lap. Yesterday, for example, my in lap could have been better, and I could have been quicker also in the unlimited part of the pit entry. It cost me some time, but I’m sure it will be better today.What do you expect from today’s race?“Well as I said in Race 1 I had the potential to finish well inside the top ten, so I hope that I will manage that today. Anyway, starting from P13 it will be even more difficult, as Valencia doesn’t give you much room to overtake. I will just try to do my best, making the most of each chance I will have, and we what comes out from that”.What’s your impression of the car after this first race weekend in it?“Until now my only experience on high powered cars was in F.Renault 3.5 testing, but the two cars feel very different. In this car you really feel the power and that’s good, but it’s also very challenging because when you are driving on the limit it really moves a lot. I like it, I just need more time in it to make the most of its performances. Frankly I’m looking forward to driving it in Marrakech: ususally street circuits have a low level of grip, so with all this power it should really give the driver a tough time. It will be a good training for my future Monte Carlo outings!”.

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