AutoGP Valencia, Race 2 drivers’ quotes

Strategy played a big role in the fourth race of the Auto GP season, hosted today by the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia. All the podium finishers got their result thanks to a great recovery and to an early pit-stop tactic, chosen together with their respective teams. Here is what they said after the race:Adrian Quaife-HobbsQ: Yesterday you blamed both your start and the strategy for your second place, today we could say that both aspects absolutely made up for yesterday’s disappointmentA: “Yes, today both me and the team didn’t expect to be up in third at the first corner, but I made a great start, and that was the case. We had committed to starting on old tyres, so even if my position was better than expected I stuck to my pre-race strategy. As I was holding everyone up, it wasn't going to be long before someone started trying to make an overtaking attempt, so I came in as planned. After that I had a clear track pushed like it was qualifying”.Q: It worked pretty well because when everybody pitted your advantage was a stunning 7”. Did the team keep you informed about your progress through the race?A: “Not really, my only thought was pushing as much as I could, knowing what the others were doing wouldn’t have changed that, so there was no point in keeping me updated. Obviously they informed me when I was P1, and I must say that it’s more than we were hoping for. We knew that a podium finish was possible, but the win was a welcome surprise”. Facu RegaliaQ: Starting from second and finishing P2 seems a very boring race, but it wasn’t your case. You had a really bad start, but then you managed a great recovery, tell us how it was from the cockpit.A: The start was really awful, maybe I was focusing too much on overtaking my team-mate Snegirev who was starting from pole and I nearly stalled. It was a pity because I really had a chanche to win and instead I was sixth at the end of the lap. Luckily my team got the strategy right and called me in on lap 6. From then on the pace was good, but obviously stopping so early my tyres started suffering a bit in the last few laps. I had to look in the mirrors for Sirotkin, but I managed to control the gap quite easily”.Q: There was a lot of enthusiasm for you here, with a big Argentinian flag on the grandstands: how do you feel after giving a podium finish to Campos Racing, the home team in Valencia?A: “It feels really good, I know that for Adrian and the guys this race is really special, so I really wanted to give them a great result. It’s important for me also because my whole family was here this weekend, together with my dearest friends, so I really felt at home. I’m just a bit disappointed, because I wanted to give them a win, and I had the chance to achieve it”.Sergey SirotkinQ: Five Races and seven Practices in three days, now everything it’s over, how do you feel?A: “I feel that finally I can relax! It was a tough weekend, but going home with one win and a third place feels great! I could have been even better anyway: today I was on the same strategy as Adrian, we planned to stop on lap 5 also and that’s what we did. Anyway we had a problem at the pit-stop, and I really lost a lot of time. Then, to make things worse, I also found myself stuck in traffic, finding slower cars in the wrong spots all the time for a couple of laps”.Q: Stopping so early we were expecting your tyres to suffer a bit at the end of the race, and instead you managed to pass de Jong and put pressure on Facu…A: “I spoke about that with the team before the race, we knew that stopping on lap 5 would have meant asking a lot of effort to the tyres, especially the rear ones. So, even if I was pushing, I tried to nurse them as much as I could. It was worth it, because at the end of the race I had much more grip than my rivals”.