Please give just a moment of your time to help an ex racehorse

Give The Racehorse Sactuary's fundraising effort  a turbo boost with an online vote

Racecar has received a special appeal from Debbie Bonham to help this wonderful charity .

Debbie's brother John Bonham was the legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin before he tragically lost his life at an early age and she has followed in hisfootsteps very successfully building a career as a rock singer around the world, but still finds time to help this worthwhile cause. 

As with all involved with this venture Debbie's ambition is centred around securing a future for all of those horses that still have so much to offer even though their racing career's have come to an end. Debbie Bonham who lives in West Sussex and has two ex-racehorses in her care.

Debbie says

"Can you kindly go to this link and vote for the Racehorse Sanctuary pleeeeeaaaase - we are one of four charities chosen by Animal Friends Insurance in their monthly 'Vote for a charity' scheme. The charity with the most votes at the end of April receives £5000 and we so very desperately need this money as we've just taken on some welfare horses - ex-racers left abandoned in a field in a very bad way... so some new stables, fencing, rugs - you name it - it's needed - so please help by voting.We've resisted posting photos of the horses at this time as it is very harrowing, we'd rather you saw pictures of them once we've had them for a while and best, once we've rehomed them, although that will be a while away as they are pretty desperate and they all have that very sad frightened look in their eye.

But with your help and the Sanctuary they will come good in time. It's not fair that we turn a blind eye or destroy them just because man has used and abused them, they are just trusting creatures who believed man would look after them after they did their bit on the track. In an ideal world the racing industry would look after them, but this quite simply is not always the case.

We know certain countries do not look after their people, that doesn't mean to say we walk away and don't help. We are trying to change the ethos in the industry, but it's not something that is going to happen over night. In the meantime, we must do what we can for these poor beautiful creatures - horses have carried us through thick and thin since time began. It's now our turn to help them.

Please help us and take a minute vote.

If you have a facebook page, maybe you could put the link up so that your friends can also vote, if not, email and twitter your friends with the link.

Every vote counts so please get voting out more about The Racehorse Sanctuary at

Thank you so much for your continued support".