Lotus F1 Team Targets Carbon Neutrality

Lotus F1 Team reiterates its commitment to minimising its environmental impact with measures to reduce and offset its carbon emissions. Through commitment from existing partner Trina Solar and through a new relationship with Emissions Spot Trading organization Advanced Global Trading (AGT), the team targets significant carbon emission reduction and carbon neutral status in 2012.The new relationship with AGT will see every aspect of Enstone come under greater scrutiny than ever before, with the objective of minimising carbon emissions from all processes and procedures at the race team's base. AGT will also work with Lotus F1 Team partners to help achieve their environmental plans and their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.Existing Lotus F1 Team partner Trina Solar have committed to the Plant-for-the-Planet Children's Initiative to offset 220,000 kilograms of CO2 a year through the planting of 9,000 trees per year for the next three years - a total of 27,000 trees.The team expects to be able to announce further actions to cut its carbon footprint in due course.Patrick Louis, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus F1 Team: "Lotus F1 Team takes environmental concerns very seriously, and this has long been the case for teams based at Enstone. The site of the team headquarters is itself based in a former quarry with every effort made to limit the impact on the local environment. We are currently scrutinising every aspect of our business, so to have a new perspective from AGT who have the particular objective of minimising our environmental impact is invaluable. Trina Solar have assisted us through their solar power technology for a number of years and we are proud to be part of their commitment to Plant-for-the-Planet Children's Initiative."

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