Motors TV confirms TTXGP 2012 coverage

Motors TV will once again be home to the motorcycle technology of tomorrow this year after renewing its deal with the world-leading electric-powered TTXGP series.

Now entering its fourth season, the organisation’s regional championships in Europe, North America and Australia, as well as season-closing World Championship Final at Daytona, will enjoy unprecedented in-depth coverage on the High Speed Television Channel.

While on-track action from across all three continents will once again be at the heart of the coverage, the five-part documentary-style series will also delve into the ground-breaking technology behind the bikes that compete in TTXGP and how those developments might one day affect their production counterparts.

Regulations remain deliberately open to encourage forward thinking and continued development, which has resulted in a fantastic array of bespoke motorcycles designed specifically for the unique demands of electric-powered competition. The torque of an electric motor also ensures that the bikes’ performance is comparable to that of their traditional combustion engine versions.

Frederic Viger, Motors TV’s Head of Programming and Acquisitions, said: “It’s great to welcome back TTXGP for their worldwide 2012 campaign, especially as the series of programmes will include a great deal of technical insight into the bikes as well as the always close on-track action. TTXGP’s addition further boosts the diverse roster of two-wheeled racing to be found on Motors TV this year, something that I know will go down well with our passionate motorcycle fans and viewers. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to showcase a motorsport pushing the boundaries of alternative energy sources.”

Azhar Hussain, TTXGP President, added:“Motors TV has been incredibly supportive of the series and the technology. We are very proud to continue that relationship into our second year as our coverage grows with new teams and events across the world. In this partnership, Be Part of It is more than a punch line.”

The first of 2012’s five TTXGP programmes will be broadcast at 8.30pm on Thursday 14 June. 

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