Three Thruxton Podiums for Forcefield Riders

A week after the drama of the opening round of the British Superbike Championship at Brands Hatch the Forcefield Body Armour supported riders headed for the second round at one of the fastest circuits in the country, Thruxton.

The Forcefield riders were once again on form throughout the weekend scoring three podium places over the weekend with another win for the awesome Keith Farmer in the Superstock 1000 Championship, the Irishman fresh from his win at Brands was involved in a thrilling race to take the win by 0.1 from second placed man and 0.3 from third placed man.

It was all drama in the British Supersport Championship during the two races, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. The racing was epic and super close and the Forcefield rider gained second and third on Saturday with Sam Warren and Ben Wilson, Sam beating Ben to the line by 0.01.

However, the drama unfolded for some of the Supersport riders during Friday practise. Christian Iddon was first to go down, it clocked 155mph on the data logging on impact and he walked away uninjured and went on to finish in sixth and 10th in the two races. The next, only ten minutes later was Deane Brown, he clipped the back of a slower rider and it was registered he crashed at 161mph, despite being taken to the medical centre and then onto hospital the youngster walked away, bruised and battered but otherwise fine.

Brown - "That is without doubt the fastest crash I have ever had, I don't remember much about it but I know I wasn't able to avoid hitting the rider in front of me. The Forcefield Body Armour without doubt saved me from having much more serious injuries. I am very sore and bruised but amazingly nothing is broken. Thruxton is the fastest track we go to and I am very lucky to walk away with no serious injuries. I'd like to thank the Forcefield guys for providing me with such awesome kit. I was a bit disappointed they cut my leathers and also Forcefield under garments off me in the medical centre but they are replaceable!!"

Iddon - "That was a massive crash I had, I'd got a bit of a tank slapper at the corner before and I had a tow into the following corner not realising my brake pads needed pumping to get them working, I grabbed the brake and there was nothing there. Down I went and it was a big big crash but I walked away luckily without any injuries. The Forcefield Body Armour was mint and kept me safe I didn't want to test it so early on in the season but I was allowed to race and gained a few Championship points."