ROUND 5  FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 26 - 29 April 2012Thursday 26 April: Qualifying / Day 1QS      Villa Garcia - Cabalango                          4.59km  10.58Start   Carlos Paz                              19.43SS1     Parque Tematico Carlos Paz              6.04km  20.08Finish   Carlos Paz                              20.28Friday 27 April: Day 1 (continued) Carlos Paz - Carlos PazServ A  Carlos Paz (15 mins)                            05.45SS2     La Pampa - La Pampa I                   37.51km 07.28SS3     Ascochinga - Agua de Oro I              51.88km 08.21Serv B  Carlos Paz (30 mins)                            10.48SS4     La Pampa - La Pampa II                  37.51km 12.46SS5     Ascochinga - Agua de Oro II             51.88km 13.39Serv C  Carlos Paz (30 mins)                            16.06SS6     Cosquin - Villa Allende                 19.18km 17.23Serv D  Carlos Paz (flexi 45 mins)                              19.06Finish   Carlos Paz                                      19.51Total                               197.96km       

Saturday 28 April: Day 2 Carlos Paz - Carlos PazServ E  Carlos Paz (15 mins)                            06.42SS7     San Agustin - Santa Rosa I                      20.18km 08.30SS8     Amboy - Santa Monica I                  20.33km 09.18SS9     Intiyaco - Golpe de Agua I                      39.74km 10.31Serv F  Carlos Paz (30 mins)                            12.41SS10    San Agustin - Santa Rosa II             20.18km 14.44SS11    Amboy - Santa Monica II                 20.33km 15.32SS12    Intiyaco - Golpe  de Agua II            39.74km 16.45Serv G  Carlos Paz (30 mins)                            18.55SS13    Parque Tematico Carlos Paz              6.04km  19.50Serv H  Carlos Paz (flexi 45 mins)                              20.13Finish   Carlos Paz                              20.58Total                               166.54km

 Sunday 29 April: Day 3 Carlos Paz - Carlos PazServ I  Carlos Paz (15 mins)                            06.52SS14    Matadero - Ambul                                65.74km 08.00SS15    Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare I          17.41km 09.51SS16    El Condor - Copina                      16.32km 10.32Serv J  Carlos Paz (30 mins)                            11.42SS17    Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare II         17.41km 14.07SS18    El Condor - Casilla Negra                       11.16km 14.48SS19    Copina                          4.15km  15.21Serv K  Carlos Paz (10 mins)                            16.24Finish   Carlos Paz                              16.44Total                               132.19kmRally total                               502.73km

Rally RouteThe rally is again based around the lakeside service park in Carlos Paz but only a handful of stages are the same as last year.  One of these is the floodlit super special stage on the edge of the town that launches the rally on Thursday evening and is repeated on Saturday night.  The first full day on Friday is the longest, with almost 200km of competition north of Carlos Paz in the Punilla Valley.  The second leg journeys south to the Calamuchita Valley before the final day in the rugged Traslasierra mountains.  It includes the classic El Condor and Giulio Cesare stages as well as the 65.74km test from Matadero to Ambul, an amalgamation of four stages last used in 1996.  The final test, which crosses the picturesque hanging bridges near Copina, forms the Power Stage, with bonus points on offer to the fastest three drivers.  Competitors tackle 19 stages in total, covering 502.73km in a route of 1770.92km.

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