Three wins for Voyazides at Masters Barcelona Classic

Leo Voyazides was the star of the Masters Catalunya Classic Festival at the Barcelona circuit over the weekend.

The experienced Greek racer took three race wins, with the help of Simon Hadfield. Voyazides’ and Hadfield took their first win in their AC Cobra heading a 1-2-3 Cobra result in the two-hour Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT race. The Bruce Stevens-tended car was chased home by the Dutch pairing David Hart/Hans Hugenholtz, while Frenchmen Andre and Thomas Bailly bagged third in their AC Cobra.

More success came for Voyazides in the Pre-66 Touring Car Championship race who driving solo, blasted away from pole position to win the race in his Ford Falcon Sprint, with the Lotus Cortina of Jose Beltramelli beating the Ford Falcon Sprint of Martin Melling/Jason Minshaw for second spot.

WSM honours also fell to Voyazides and Hadfield in the Greek driver’s Lola T70 Mk3B, the similar car of Steve Tandy (driving solo) chasing them home, while Philip Hall worked wonders in his smaller-engine Lola T212 to secure third.

Both GP Masters races were won by local hero Joaquin Folch (Brabham BT49C), chased hard by Bill Coombs (Tyrrell 009) and Christophe D’Ansembourg (Williams FW07). The podium finishers mirrored their results in race two, while Mike Donovan guided his Spice SE88C to victory in both CanAm Interserie Challenge races, pursued by Steve Tandy in his Porsche 962. Voyazides (Lola T280) took third in the opener but Michele Liguori (Lola T296) took the final podium spot in race two.

With improved grids from 2011 and a fantastic crowd, the second Catalunya Classic Festival was another success for event promoter, Jesus Pozo.

Rachel Bailey, Masters Event Manager, said: “Once again we have enjoyed some great racing here and the paddock atmosphere has been really positive amongst the competitors. This event is building all the time and those drivers that made the trip have been rewarded with a superb event at a great circuit. We are looking forward to April 2013 already!”

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