Johnny Cecotto and Dani Clos back with Barwa Addax for GP2

Johnny Cecotto and Dani Clos will once again be the drivers charged with defending the interests of Barwa Addax Team in the GP2 second round at the Sahkir International Circuit, Bahrain. As usual, there will be two races which, since they will not happen alongside the Formula 1, will on this occasion be disputed on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 of April.

The drivers, as well as the Spanish team, are eager for things to get started on the circuit as they are keen to leave behind the memory of the last few weekends, when they did not shine as we are used to seeing them do. The team is keen to get back on track and attain the kind of points that have taken them to the podium in the past 5 seasons, including 2 titles.

Johnny Cecotto is looking forward to breaking in a score sheet which only bad luck has prevented him from filling, circumstances having gone against him. An obvious example is last weekend, when an opponent put him off the track just as he was in a position to finish strongly and move up towards the podium in a fantastic position to score in both races.

 And Dani Clos is hoping to make the most of this opportunity to show his true driving ability with a view to his sporting future, which he was unable to do last weekend as he was unfamiliar with the reactions of the tires on a circuit where even Formula 1 has had problems due to the critical behaviour of the tires.

Johnny Cecotto, official Barwa Addax Team driver:”I can't wait for the next race, we were really competitive in the first round although I didn't know the track. This time I know the track in without the errors we committed in the first round in Al Sahkir we can for sure manage a podium if not even more”

Dani Clos, official  Barwa Addax team driver: "After the last intense weekend and all the efforts of the team, I feel now much confidence with the car. I am looking forward to fight for the head positions, all the feedback collected last weekend was very positive for me and the team, I know better the tires and how to deal with them, it is very important to have a good strategy and save tires to face the last laps with no problems. I hope we have more luck this time and have clear hot laps to achieve a good score on the qualifying. I am very glad to be with Barwa Addax Team and I am quite sure we will make a good job together."