Speedway News and Fixtures


KING’S Lynn have signed Polish rider Mateusz Szczepaniak to replace doubling-up duo Dakota North and Kyle Howarth.Szczepaniak had a brief spell with Poole last year and the Stars are confident his inclusion will spark a play-off charge, with the experienced Joe Screen also added to the squad in place of Jordan Frampton.Team boss Rob Lyon said: “We have been so close to earning league points in every single match we have ridden so far this season, but it has always been the matter of our No.7 scoring too few points.“On paper I feel we have an incredibly strong team and one I hope other teams will now fear. My plan is to start racking up the league points, starting at Belle Vue next Wednesday, and earn ourselves a place in the play-offs and maybe even go on to win the league!"(SPEEDWAY 2)

POOLE have added Somerset’s Alex Davies to their squad alongside Todd Kurtz in a doubling-up capacity.The Pirates had been planning to include Mateusz Szczepaniak but a change in averages has ruled that out with the reigning Elite League champions limited to just one home match so far due to the weather.Promoter Matt Ford said: “I feel really sorry for Mateusz. He was very keen to come into the team and had invested heavily in bringing decent equipment over here ready for the call. As things have turned out the timings have not favoured us and we cannot accommodate him in the team as we had hoped.“That said I have been very impressed with the performances of Todd Kurtz who, it was probably no secret, would have been the rider most likely to have made way for Mateusz. Todd has sorted himself out with a Premier League place with Plymouth but we will continue to use him under the doubling up rule with Alex Davies having been declared as his ‘buddy.’”


SCUNTHORPE have moved back into the top two of the League Cup Northern section following a 54-36 home win over Redcar.The Bears gave the Scorpions a tough battle in the early stages with the scores level at 27-27 after Heat 9, but the home side then registered three 5-1s and three 4-2s in the last six heats to pull clear.Manager Richard Hollingsworth said: “I really thought tonight’s meeting was going to be a tough one. Redcar are always good value around here, plus thanks to the recent dreadful weather, we hadn’t completed a meeting around here for a month, so there was a chance they could catch us cold.“Redcar stayed with us for nine races, but then we blew them away in the final six. I think the final score was a bit harsh on Redcar, because they put in a lot of effort, but we do come strong in the final stages of meetings around here, as the dirt line moves out.”


CRAIG Cook and Andrew Tully were both unbeaten as Edinburgh demolished Scottish rivals Glasgow 61-33 at Armadale.Cook raced to a 15-point maximum whilst Tully had to work a little harder for his full house and picked up 13 (paid 15), partnering Cook to maximum points in Heats 13 and 15.The visitors were limited to just three heat wins with Joe Screen and James Grieves dominating their scorechart.Monarchs boss John Campbell said: “Our whole team went well with Andrew and Craig in exceptional form. We’d like to keep this going at Glasgow on Sunday.”


SATURDAY APRIL 28:LEAGUE CUP: Berwick v Newcastle 7pm, Rye House v Ipswich 7pm

SUNDAY APRIL 29:LEAGUE CUP: Glasgow v Edinburgh 4pm, Leicester v Plymouth 6pm, Newcastle v Redcar 6.30NATIONAL LEAGUE: Mildenhall v Buxton 4.30

MONDAY APRIL 30: SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Peterborough v Lakeside OFF, Wolverhampton v Poole 7.30

TUESDAY MAY 1:NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP 2nd leg: Isle of Wight v Rye House 7.30

WEDNESDAY MAY 2:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 8pmNATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP 2nd leg: King’s Lynn v Mildenhall 7.30