Thomas Biagi up for Donington Park Superstars challenge


Thomas Biagi has been one of the most impressive drivers in the 2012 SUPERSTARS INTERNATIONAL SERIES. After ending up twice in fourth place at Monza, a venue which was not suitable at all for his BMW M3, and scoring a third and a second place at Imola, he's now ready to battle for the front spots again.

The Bologna-based racer will line-up in the upcoming British round of the SUPERSTARS INTERNATIONAL SERIES, scheduled for May the 19th and 20th at Donington Park, with just a 2-point gap in standings on Swedish Audi Racer Johan Kristoffersson. This season, Biagi is running for Team BMW Dinamic, benefitting from full support from Roberto Ravaglia's ROAL Motorsports.

«The weekend at Monza has been great for me. - said Biagi - Both for the results we scored despite the issues we knew we would have had with the BMW and for the huge amount of people that joined us in the paddock. The SUPERSTARS SERIES is always experiencing sensational growth, attracting many fans. This is also due to the arrival of new stars like Liuzzi, who just stepped down from a Formula 1 car, and Salo».

«I think I wold have deserved a win at Imola. Unfortunately my BMW has already hit its 100% in development and we couldn't have asked for more, especially compared to the new Audi which will be constantly improving. At Donington Park, on a racetrack which requires lots of acceleration, I'll also have 30 kilos of compensation ballast more. It's going to be tough but I will do everything I can to battle with my rivals».

Biagi will be joined again in the Bavarian manufacturer's camp by team-mate Stefano Gabellini, who also proved a frontrunner: after having ended up in 8th place in Race 2 at Monza, he kept scoring valuable points at Imola with a 7th and a 6th place.

Everything's set for another great SUPERSTARS challenge in Great Britain: a spectacle not to miss for the true motorsports fan.

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