Johnny Herbert signs for three Superstars Series races

Johnny Herbert, long expected to participate in the SUPERSTARS Race of Donington, has signed for an additional two races in the international touring car series.

“Racing in the SUPERSTARS SERIES last year was great and this year even more so because I will drive the Maserati I battled against so much. It’s the same car Salo and Fittipaldi are driving in their SUPERSTARS appearances so a bit of rivalry has developed between us when it comes to the results we can get.  This rivalry is giving an extra element of competition to the racing.”

Finishing 2nd and 6th in last year’s races at Donington in his Mercedes AMG C63, Johnny will be aiming to put this year’s car, the Maserati Quattroporte, where it sat last time around: twice on the top podium slot with Andrea Bertolini. 

“It’s hard for me to judge where I stand as this year I’ll be in a new car with new Hankook tyres and facing some new competitors, like the young Kristoffersson in his RS5, Liuzzi in the 2012 version of the AMG C63 I drove last year and a reborn Pigoli who at Monza showed everyone what the jaguar is capable of. I can’t wait to see all the UK fans at Donington and I hope to root for me!”.

In race 1 Johnny may have a little of an advantage amongst his rivals who made good results at the previous Race of Imola as he won’t be carrying any of the extra weight that’s added to the top finishers. With just 11 points separating the top 5 drivers, and two the top two, the wild card appearances of Herbert, Fittipaldi and Liuzzi are beginning to shake things up.

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