4 Podiums, 1 Win for Forcefield at Oulton Park

The British Superbike Championship moved to Oulton Park at the weekend for round three of the Championship and once again the Forcefield supported riders tested the power of the Forcefield protection to the max with several nasty crashes, thankfully once again all riders walked away relatively uninjured.

Forcefield rider Danny Buchan in the Metzeler National Superstock 1000 Championship took a stunning win after changing teams and is back on a Kawasaki, he was on form all weekend and was eager to get his season back on track after a poor start to the year.

The Forcefield riders took a bit of a beating this weekend across the field in qualifying and racing, Keith Farmer who was leading the National Superstock 1000 Championship crashed heavily on Sunday at around 150mph, the only injuries he sustained were a bruise on his left side and a swollen knee.

Keith Farmer - "I put the Forcefield Body Armour through its paces this weekend with a 145 - 150mph crash and to walk away with just a few bruises and a swollen knee was amazing. As I came over Clay Hill I got a bit of a tank slapper from the front end and as I went into Druids I had no brakes as the pads had been shaken back with the tank slapper. It's one of the scariest crashes I've ever had and so glad I was well protected by Forcefield and I thank them for that."

Adam Jenkinson had two monster crashes over the weekend at two of the fastest corners on the Oulton Park circuit and both times walked away with no injuries and both times he landed heavily on his back.

Adam - "The first crash on Sunday was at Cascades I hit a bit of a bump in the track and went down hard and slid a long way on my back, I ripped my leathers apart and I put a hole in the under garments and have a bit of a sore backside but apart from that I was ok. During the race I had another 150mph plus crash at one of the fastest parts of the track and thanks to Forcefield I was able to walk away from that one also. Both were very scary crashes and I'm just glad I'm in one piece, I'm glad I was wearing the back and chest protectors."

Another big moment came in the Superstock 600 race between two riders, both were wearing Forcefield, Johnny Blackshaw and Josh Wainwright, the pair were involved in one of the biggest crashes of the weekend. Wainwright lost control of the bike on the exit to the high speed corner Druids and Blackshaw was so close he was unable to take avoiding action and rode over Wainwright, Josh took the brunt of the crash and he managed to thankfully escape with a broken rib and a broken collarbone, Johnny walked away uninjured, both were extremely lucky.

Josh - "Once again Forcefield came to my rescue I seem to have a tendency of when I crash I get hit by another bike or rider, that's twice now I've been hit in the back/neck area and thankfully walked away with relatively minor injuries. I don't remember much about the crash yesterday as I was knocked out for a while I have seen the video on You Tube and also seen the full frame of photos and I know I'm very lucky. It was a nasty crash and I'm lucky to have been fully protected and I owe Forcefield a huge thank you and also to the track medics and marshals' they did an awesome job."

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