Trident GP2 Barcelona, Race 2

The fourth round of the 2012 GP2 Series was rounded out yesterday at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona. The Trident Racing drivers, Stéphane Richelmi and Julian Leal, took-off from the back of the field and successfully completed the whole distance without major mistakes.

Leal captured an 18th place finish while Stéphane Richelmi ended up in 19th. The race has been pretty regular and uneventful, and did not offer many chances for recovery, as usually happens at the Spanish venue.

After having completed their trip in Catalunya, Trident Racing is already looking forward to the upcoming round at Monte Carlo, coming in two weeks at one of the World's most renowned circuits. The Italian-based team have already two sensational wins at the venue, and is ready to go for more.

Julian Leal, 17th

"Even though the result hasn't been top, there's some positive feedback to report from race 2. The starting procedure has been optimized, and I managed to recover four positions at take-off. After the start, the car's handling proved as a consistent improvement compared to Race 1, and that's a further proof of the good path we're in. In Race 2 it's been difficult to get close to the top-10 after starting so low. Now we'll be working really hard to prepare for an hopefully great weekend at Monte Carlo."

Stéphane Richelmi, 19th

“I had some ideas about recovering some positions, but in Race 2 it's been really hard to overtake. We all started with new tires, and there wasn't a big difference between one car and the other, something enough to attack without taking big risks. Then at the first corner after the start I've been involved in a tangle and slightly damaged my front wing, which led to more understeer in the fast corners. It hasn't been a very lucky race for us and I really hope to rebound in my home race at Monte Carlo."

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