Edgar's Hyundai MSA British Junior Kart Championship

 Round 2: Whilton Mill, 12-13 May

Martin Kodric dominated both finals at Whilton Mill, while Alex Gill took the championship lead with a pair of second places.

Kodric was aided by trouble for round one winner George Russell, who was excluded from second place in the first final on driving standards grounds. Gill held off ‘One in a Billion’ Sahara Force India driver Jehan Daruvala for the eventual second place, the Indian driver belying his lack of experience at this level.

By the time Gill had cleared Daruvala at the start of the second final, Kodric was already well clear and uncatchable. “It’s really great racing in England against such good drivers,” said the winner.

Results – Final 11 Martin Kodric (Alonso) 22 laps in 16m23.41s (55.92mph)2 Alex Gill (Wright) +01.88s3 Jehan Daruvala (Alonso) +2.45s

Final 21 Kodric 22 laps in 16m23.20s (55.94mph)2 Gill +02.70s3 James Kellett (Birel) +3.13s

Championship positions (provisional) after Round 21 Alex Gill – 198 points2 James Kellett – 1803 Josh Price – 1774 Samuel Oram-Jones – 1655 Rory Cuff – 164

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