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Keith Flint is the front man of world famous band 'The Prodigy' and an all-round motorcycling fanatic. He is campaigning two GSX-R1000 Suzukis in the British Hottrax National Endurance Championship for the second successive year with Team Traction Control. Here, the ardent Suzuki fan talks about his first test ride on the new Suzuki GSR750.

After the GSX-R750 I took delivery of a black GSR750 and I bonded visually with it straight away; and after working-out how it liked to be ridden I was down with it.

It's just really rewarding to ride: The power delivery is so smooth and linear; you just keep it at the top in the power and it's just nice and smooth and fun and comfortable. And it looks mega in the black. It's had a few extras thrown on too and looks like a proper, credible, super naked. It's great to ride...

But what really blew me away was the ABS. On the roads near me there's gravel and stones, but I just couldn't resist and went at it hard and just grabbed the brakes and let it roll to a stop. It just changed everything I'd learnt and come to know about riding bikes. It just stayed planted and pulled up. Amazing.

Going on my usual ride through London to the recording studio it was really, really nice and performs well in traffic too; really comfy and easy to ride and the ABS was really cool and rewarding there too. You know, we've had a lot of rain lately, but you could still brake hard and with confidence in the wet with the ABS and it'd just stop.

It takes the braking aspect kind of out of your hands slightly, but in a nice way. Things pull out in front of you all the time in London and you have to be super-aware and alert, but the ABS means you can relax that little bit more, and I'm really down with that.

As a naked bike I'm super impressed with it. It took a bit of time to get used to riding but it's rewarding and easy to ride, mega comfy and the power delivery is smooth and easy. And it rides and handles well on the twisty back roads too. Properly good super naked.

But that's gone back now and it's time to wheel out a Hayabusa - which I'm mega-excited about riding... I'll come back to you with my thoughts on that!

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