Red Bull Racing 'Spy App' Brings the Paddock to your Pocket

Red Bull Racing will be bringing a range of F1 knowledge, driver facts and insider information direct to your phone from 23 May to coincide with the most prestigious Grand Prix of the year, Monaco. If you want to know what’s going on in the Paddock, in the pitlane or on the track, then you need this app. Brought to you by the team’s man on the inside (knowingly dubbed the ‘Red Bull Racing Spy’) this app will satisfy hardcore race fans as well as those seeking insider access by offering everything from race facts to results and parties, from behind the scenes pictures to what’s going on in the Red Bull Energy Station. The Red Bull Racing Spy, who is already on Twitter (@redbullF1spy), will bring you closer to the real action in Formula One. The app is essential for F1 fans who want more factual information than the average spectator, as well as for those who secretly love a bit of grand prix insider info and behind the scenes access. If the Spy misses something out, you get the chance to quiz him; ask anything F1 related or lay down a challenge and see the responses in the feed. As well as all the unique features, the Red Bull Racing Spy will also bring you the information that you’d expect from any self-respecting F1 app including lap by lap track positioning, race specific facts and figures, Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standings and a full race calendar. To download the app, which has been developed by the Red Bull Media House, head to and make sure you get the inside line for the rest of the season. Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber said: “It’s definitely worth a look. The Red Bull Racing F1 Spy must be on the inside, as he knows stuff only the team has access to. But, who is he? No idea mate.”

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