Sonangol Africa Eco Race Tour In Milan

A great success for the press conference that introduce 2013 edition of SONANGOL AFRICA ECO RACE®.

Tuesday May 15 at the KTM dealer in Milan P&D, great Italian pilots, who wrote the history of African tout terrain competitions, met to be introduced to next edition of the race.

In the front row Franco Picco, Algiers with Luigi, Mario Conforti and Giampietro Dalben Energy & smiles, for motorcycle parking areas and truck

A large audience that kept attention to all informations and emotions that the testimonial Oscar Polli and Matteo Castelli gave with their feedback, with videos and amazing images.

Renè Metge, real guest star of the evening, has shown the new routes found after his last reconnaissance, and all the news in the stages, giving the idea about a 2013 edition again more technical and emotional, in terms of landscapes and “playground”. Several questions from future competitors closed the event.

All the audience has been invited to find the complete and detailed informations on the official website, and to follow the last news on the official facebook pages, international and Italian.

During the happening there was a great feeling in the competitor’s audience, the same atmosphere that you can breath in an SONANGOL AFRICA ECO RACE® bivouac.

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