P12 For Coletti, 11th Row For Onidi

Stefano Coletti will start from P12 in tomorrow’s GP2 Feature Race in Monte Carlo, while Fabio Onidi will line-up on 11th row, starting from P21.This was the outcome of a difficult Qualifying on the Monaco street circuit, a session where luck in avoiding traffic was still a key factor despite the decision from GP2 to split the grid in two groups and give each pack 14 minutes to find a good laptime.Stefano Coletti was part of Group A, a fact that was denying a chance for pole-position itself as it meant running on a track that was still dirty after a rain shower earlier in the afternoon. With the tarmac that was getting cleaner and quicker lap after lap it was clear that the last flyer would have been the deciding one for the grid position, and luck wasn’t on Coletti’s side: Stefano’s first split time was a very good one, but at the exit of the tunnel the Monegasque driver was slowed by Kral and that meant that he couldn’t improve. He finished the mini-session in P6, equal to sixth row in this special Qualifying system.Fabio Onidi was part of Group B; At his first experience Monaco Fabio had a good Free Practice session, closing in P16 and looking forward to Quali: the start of his session was very good as the Italian talent was among the quickest drivers on track in the first minutes, but then he started struggling with a bit of oversteer and couldn’t improve his laptime in the final part of the session. He was eleventh, meaning 11th row in this special Qualifying system. Paolo Coloni: “Obviously we are not happy because the result is below our expectations, but on the other hand we know that it isn’t a matter of pace. With Stefano were just 0.3 adrift of second row, and those three tenths were clearly there, we would have clinched a better result easily without finding a slower car on our line. It happens, especially in Monaco, and we have to live with it.We were expecting a better result with Fabio also, and judging from what he had showed in the Free Practice our potential was much better than what we achieved. Anyway we have a long race tomorrow, a pit stop that gives us some chances for a good strategy and we will do our best to recover, even if we know that it’s not easy in Monte Carlo”.

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