Promising debut for Imola Classic

Peter Auto has always wanted to organise a classic car event in Italy and last weekend (9 & 10 June) the historical Imola circuit welcomed the 1st edition of Imola‐Classic with 110 cars on the track. During the meeting the participants were delighted to race on the mythical layout in a country where Automobiles belong to the National Patrimony. The event will be developed in the upcoming years to become one of the main dates in the European historic racing calendar.

FIA Historic Formula One

Race 1Starting in pole position, Spaniard Joaquim Folch kept the upper hand and distanced the Lotus T370 of Italian Mauro Pane and the Lotus 87 of Nico Bindels (Luxemburg) who fought for the 2nd place during the first third of the race. The order remained the same until the fifteenth and last lap of the week‐ends first race.1stJ. Folch (ESP)Brabham BT49C15t en 25’52’’244

2ndM. Pane (ITA)Lotus T370+ 26’’161

3rdN. Bindels (LUX)Lotus 87+ 34’’837

Race 2Bis repetita! As in the first race, Joachin Folch once again took the lead. From the first lap on, the Spaniard’s Brabham BT49C distanced Mauro Pane and Nico Bindels both on Lotus and took his second trophy in two days. As in the previous race, British Richard Eyre (Williams FW08) and David Abbott (Arrows A4) complete the top 5.

Trofeo Nastro Rosso

Race 1Despite being in pole position, Swiss Michael Erlich (Bizzarini 5300 GT) only stayed in the lead during the first two laps. Relegated to the 6thplace after a 180° spin, he did a spectacular come back to reach the podium’s second step. The highest step went to his compatriot Alberto Francioni (ISO A3C).

1stA. Francioni (CH)ISO A3C21 t in 47’00’’698

2ndM. Erlich (CH)Bizzarini 5300 GT+ 33’’994

3rdD. SingletonFerrari 275 GTB+ 2’09’’894

Race 2Michael Erlich took his revenge in the second race and imposed his magnificent Bizzarini 5300 GT in the Trofeo Nastro Rosso’s second race in front of Francioni’s ISO A3C. Grégory Noblet saves the Cavallino Rampante’s honour with a place on the 3rd step of the podium.

1stM. Erlich (CH)Bizzarini 5300 GT21 t in 46’01’’529

2ndA. Francioni (CH)ISO A3C+ 26’’506

3rdG. Noblet (F)Ferrari 275 GTB+ 1

Sixties EnduranceGuenat kept the advantage of his pole position from the start against two other AC Cobras (Lecourt and Merlin) but only remained in the lead for a short time. Soon, Merlin took over chased by Lecourt who had to abandon in the 6th lap. In the 19th, shortly before the first hour of the race, the leader stopped at his garage and abandoned (gear box). Guenat remained in the lead in front of Italian Gelmini and his Lotus. The leading Cobra changes driver in the 25th lap. It is then Yvon Mahé’s turn to stay in front. Mission accomplished! He imposes himself in front of Spaggiari who took over after Gelmini. The unique and very pedigreed Aston Martin DP 214 of German‐British tandem Friedrichs/Clark completes the podium.

1stD. Guenat/Y. MahéAC Cobra51 t in 2h00’33’’839

2ndT. Gelmini/E. SpaggiariLotos Elan 26R+ 1’41’’283

3rdD. Clark/W. FriedrichsAston Martin DP 214+ 1CER 1From the beginning, Watson takes the lead in front of Francioni, Devis, Latre du Bosqueau and Gutzwiller. But, after holding the first position for 15 laps, the leader’s Chevron gave up the ghost and the two Lolas T70 of Alberto Francioni and Thierry de Latre Du Bosqueau monopolise the two first places and cross the finish line in that order in front of Stéphane Gutzwiller on Chevron B16.1stA. Francioni (CH)Lola T70 MkIII27 t en 1h00’21’’0222ndT. de Latre Du Bosqueau (B)Lola T70 MkIII+ 2’’1363rdS. Gutzwiller (CH)Chevron B16+ 8’’176

CER 2After an excellent start, Michel Quiniou (Lola T280 DFV) takes the command of the race from Patrice Lafargue (author of the pole position ‐ Lola T98 BMW). After taking back the lead and the three leaders being grouped in less than a second, Lafargue makes a mistake and goes back to 6th position. Quiniou, back in front, cannot resist Fövery’s Porsche 935 for long. However, the domination of the Austrian doesn’t last and Quiniou is back in front where he stays until the finish.

1stM. Quiniou (F)Lola T280 DFV32 t in 1’01’50’’

2ndM. Devis (B)Lola T296 BMW+ 7’’446

3rdC. Traber (CH)BMW M1+ 1’53’’360

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