AutoGP Curitiba, Race 2 drivers quotes

Adrian Quaife-Hobbs won the Auto GP title today in Curitiba despite crashing late into the race while entering the pits for his mandatory tyre change. Meanwhile, Antonio Pizzonia completed his incredible comeback on single-seaters with a second win that delighted the home crowd, ahead of Chris Van der Drift and Daniel de Jong who gave Manor MP Motorsport a much welcome double podium finish. Here is what they said after the race.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, 2012 Auto GP ChampionWinning the title without even crossing the line is something that doesnt happen often, whats the feeling?Its a bit weird, frankly. On one side Im really down because thats not how you want to win the title after such a dominating season. I was headed for a win, I would have celebrated the title on the higher step of the podium, thats how it was meant to be. So, as I said, on one hand Im really disappointed. On the other hand we started the season aiming at the title, we worked hard and we achieved our goal, so theres a lot to be happy about. Its just that now the disappointed side of me its a bit stronger. Im sure that in a couple of days I will have forgotten this race and I will just be happy about the title.Theres still a race weekend in Sonoma to close the season in styleExactly, and thats what well try to do. Looking at our season we always were the dominating force in the Series. If I look back I dont recall anybody being able to challenge us in terms of pace. We were the ones running away when we were ahead, we were the ones doing the overtaking if we were starting behind due the reversed grid. We always started the race weekends with the only goal of winning, and Sonoma wont be any different. Im really looking forward to it.  Antonio Pizzonia, Curitiba Race 2 winnerClinching a double win in front of your home crowd must be an amazing feeling, tell us about it.Its really amazing. I race in the Brazilian Stock Car championship at the moment so Im used to racing in front of my countrymen, but its much different when you are racing at home in an International series as Auto GP. You can really feel that the people are behind you, pushing with their support. Its a kind of reaction that I never experienced before, I really liked it a lot.Your start was a great one again and the battle in the first laps was really close. Then came the wheelnut problem in the pits, did you think that the race was lost at that point?Yeah, the guys had an issue with the left-rear corner and I think it costed us around 4-5 seconds. Anyway I didnt think that our chances of winning the race were gone, I pushed as much as I could and in the end the gap from the lead was around 35, still good to be right on Quaife-Hobbs tail after his pit-stop. Then he crashed and I inherited the lead, but I really think that even if that didnt happen I had the pace to challenge for the win.Chris Van der DriftYour race seemed to have no special strategies, just pushing from the beginning till the endAs I said this weekend we really did a good step ahead in terms of car setup, and qualifying definitely proved that. Anyway yesterday we still had some issues with uneven tyre wear, the left side had much more wear than the right one, so for today we did some changes that worked really well. I was quick and I managed to take P3 from Suzuki pretty quickly, that then became P2 after Adrians crash.Then I saw Daniel in the mirrors and kept an eye on him until the checkered flag; Im really happy that we are both on the podium, its a great result also for the team.Daniel de JongFinally back on the podium! Lately you got really close to it on a number of occasions but for many reasons it didnt come together. How do you feel now?I feel great, being back on those steps is really good. In the last races we often had the pace to do it but there was always something that prevented me from making it. Sometimes I ended 4th, sometimes I did mistakes and sometimes I had glitches, but all in all it was a bit frustrating. Today it was different, and its a very good day for me Chris and Manor MP.You got pretty close to your team-mate in the last laps, did you think you had the pace to overtake him?I was really quick this weekend, I proved that yesterday and today my pace was more or less the same. This allowed me to recover from a not perfect start, passing other cars on track as I did with Sirotkin for P4. Then when I reached Chris the team called on the radio to remember us that we were getting a great team result and spoiling it with a risky move wasnt a good idea. Maybe I was a bit quicker than Chris at the end of the race but I dont care, it was the right choice because now we can celebrate.

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