SUPERSTARS Thomas Biagi talks about his weekend at Spa


Thomas Biagi is getting ready for the final stint of the 2012 season and to do so he's drawing a balance for the SUPERSTARS INTERNATIONAL SERIES Race of Spa-Francorchamps. After having ended up onto the podium twice (a second and a third-place finish for him in Hungary) the Team BMW Dinamic driver suffered from some troubles in Belgium starting from the weather woes that were a major concern for everybody on-track.

Despite the circuit were among the ones most suitable for his BMW M3, Biagi managed to reverse some of the early expectation to end up Race 2 really close to a podium finish.

Here's how the Bologna-based driver recounted his weekend at Spa-Francorchamps:

"It was supposed to be a tough race for me and it went that way. If we consider that I was quite competitive in Hungary with all these corners, of course I expected some pain in Belgium. In addition to that, I have the regret of the spin that sent me back down the order and cost me a front row start. I was pushing really hard because I knew that the package was far from being competitive. In the end though, starting from 10th in Race 1, I managed to clinch a fourth and I took everything I possibly could out of my car. Our M3 is struggling to keep the pace with the other manufacturers. For example, Mercedes did a great jump forward in terms of suspensions and is almost as fast as the BMW in the corners.

"It would have been great to have at least one race on dry weather but that's the way it went. We have to say that we really risked a lot in the first three laps of Race 1. The conditions were prohibitive and there were no visibility. At Eau Rouge I couldn't see the left wall until I was there and I was only able to evaluate the position of my rivals when they started braking. In the last 10 years of professional racing this has been the first time I got scared, and I'm totally not scared in admitting it"

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