Mercedes looks forward to Hungarian GP


 Round 11 of the 2012 Formula One World Championship, the Hungarian Grand Prix, is the final race before the sport's summer break and takes place at the Hungaroring in Budapest on Sunday 29 July.* Ten of the 14 corners at the Hungaroring are taken at 155 kph or lower* At 610 metres, the run from pole position to the apex of Turn One is amongthe longest of the year* There are 11 different braking events around the 4.381 km Hungaroring lap,with 13% of the lap spent brakingMichael SchumacherThe race in Hungary is the last before the summer break and also marks thebeginning of the second half of the season - which means it is time for ahalf-time analysis. As so often in life, this is, in my opinion, a questionof perspective: if we only look at the points standings, it doesn't seem sogood; but if you look a bit deeper, and at certain results, then the overallpicture is much better. We have taken a clear step forward and alreadyachieved a few highlights. I'm looking forward to this weekend's racebecause I really enjoy the Hungarian Grand Prix.

It's a circuit where the drivers are always busy around the lap, it's reallydemanding and there are barely any opportunities to catch your breath. Let'swait and see what we can achieve here, before the team heads off for awell-earned break.Nico RosbergThe Hungaroring is a very challenging track and it's definitely one that Ienjoy. It's like a street circuit but on a normal track because of the manytight and twisty turns and not so many straights. The layout should suit ourcar but you just can't make predictions this year and you never know how itwill work out over the weekend. Tyre wear will again be critical for therace so we will work hard to manage that properly. It would be nice if wecan make a step forward and have a good weekend before the summer break.Ross BrawnThe final race before the summer break concludes an intense period for theteam, coming on the back of our two home races in Silverstone and Germany.After our performance peaks and podium achievements in China, Monaco andValencia, the last month has been tougher and we have not achieved theresults that we would have wanted. There is a limited amount of work thatcan be done between back-to-back races but we will work hard to find thenecessary improvements. Everyone always enjoys visiting Budapest which is agreat city, and the Hungaroring track is a real technical challenge for boththe drivers and engineers. It would be a nice reward to have a strongweekend there before a well-deserved mid-season break for the team.Norbert HaugThe Hungaroring has the slowest average speed of any permanent circuit onthe calendar and the cars actually spend a lower proportion of the lap atfull throttle than even in Monaco. The corners are predominantly medium andlow speed, which require good traction, downforce and braking stability.Hungary is also the start of the second half of the season and, followingthe relatively cool conditions in Silverstone and Hockenheim, we can expectreally hot weather and perhaps the highest temperatures of the season sofar. The verdict on the first half of our season would be: "much achieved,much still to do". We have been the pace-setters at a number of raceweekends and Nico scored the first win for our new Silver Arrow works teamin China, while Michael set the fastest time in a prestigious qualifyingsession in Monaco and Nico then finished second in the race. Two raceslater, in Valencia, Michael also scored a podium finish. Our team has scoredover one third more points than at the same time last season, in spite ofMichael suffering a run of technical retirements. The last two races haveshown that we currently lack around half a second a lap to the pace-setters.This is clear to all in the team and we'll be doing our maximum to developthe car further and close the gap.


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