One victory and three podiums for Volkswagen at the Formula 3 opener

Tom Blomqvist celebrates his first Formula 3 victory “powered by Volkswagen”Twelve top 10 results for the nine Volkswagen drivers at season openerSecond place: Podium place at Formula 3 debut for Max Verstappen

Strong opener for Volkswagen in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship: Tom Blomqvist (GB) was victorious at his home track on the Easter weekend in Silverstone, which saw him celebrate his first ever victory in the Formula 3 European Championship. The 20-year-old junior driver, and son of former World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist, was the strongest driver with the new Formula 3 engine from Wolfsburg in the first two of three rounds on the track steeped in tradition in Great Britain. After his triumph in the first race, he secured fourth place in the second and sixth place in the third race of the Formula 3 European Championship. Max Verstappen (NL), son of former Formula One driver Jos Verstappen, also made a strong impression “powered by Volkswagen”. In the third Formula 3 race of his debut year in automobile racing, the 16 -year-old Dutchman drove from fifth place up to second and into the top five in the second race. Overall the Volkswagen drivers achieved twelve top 10 results for the brand from Wolfsburg at Silverstone, three of which were podium places, including Blomqvist’s victory.

For the first time the FIA Formula 3 European Championship starts this season with new engine regulations. The new purpose built 2-litre racing engines manufactured by Volkswagen deliver 225 hp. Volkswagen starts with two teams and nine talented drivers hungry for success in the renowned junior class, which has produced many Formula One drivers. Carlin Motorsport, Jagonya Ayam with Carlin and Van Amersfoort Racing are using Dallara-Volkswagens for Jordan King (GB), Edward Jones (UAE), Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Gustavo Menezes (USA), Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Sean Gelael (RI), Jake Dennis (GB) and Max Verstappen (NL) and Tom Blomqvist (GB).

After the first three races of the season, Tom Blomqvist is third in the overall standings, 13 points behind the leader. Verstappen is fifth.

Quotes, Formula 3 in Silverstone

Tom Blomqvist (GB), Jagonya Ayam with Carlin, Dallara-Volkswagen #31“I'm very pleased with the opening Formula 3 weekend. With my victory on Saturday I knew that it was all about the start and defending the pole position cleverly. In Formula 3, and particularly on tracks such as Silverstone, it is difficult to overtake. Unfortunately that's why I wasn't able to get more out of the other two races, but I had some good duels, some of which were with my team-mates. We can build on results like these for the rest of the season.”

Max Verstappen (NL), Van Amersfoort Racing, Dallara-Volkswagen #30„The first race didn't go to plan, the second was better and the third was great. In contrast with the first two races on Saturday, I got off to a good start on Sunday so I was able to fight for the front positions right away. My tyres wore down about halfway through the race but I kept up a good pace. I'm very happy with finishing fifth and second.“FIA Formula 3 European Champpionship,

Silverstone – race 1 results01. Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen 18 laps in 36m 31.379s02. Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes + 2.107s03. Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 3.052s...08. Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen + 13.578s12. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.104s15. Sean Gelael (RI), Dallara-Volkswagen + 27.831s16. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 28.466s17. Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 29.310s19. Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 31.063s

Silverstone – race 2 resuits01. Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes 18 laps in 33m 53.215s02. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Dallara-Mercedes + 3.678s03. Antonio Fuoco (I), Dallara-Mercedes + 5.148s04. Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 9.264s05. Max Verstappen (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 11.237s06. Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 11.914s07. Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen + 19.293s08. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 20.649s...13. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 30.106s17. Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 33.362s20. Sean Gelael (RI), Dallara-Volkswagen + 48,528 Sek.24. Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1.03,172 Min.

Silverstone – race 3 results01. Antonio Fuoco (I), Dallara-Mercedes 18 laps in 34m 13.614s02. Max Verstappen (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 4.731s03. Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes + 9.325s...05. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.667s06. Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 25.945s09. Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 33.437s15. Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen + 38.021s18. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 43.205s20. Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 48.697s