JD Classics Mille Miglia Preparations

JD Classics Mille Miglia Preparations


JD Classics have a long association with the Mille Miglia and this year are not only sponsoring the event - but are also running 13 cars for crews during the event.

As the worldwide heritage racing partner for Jaguar Cars - they are running 8 cars on behalf of Jaguar Works Heritage Racing in the event for celebrities, racing drivers and media who have been invited to take part on this Blue Riband retrospective - undoubtedly the jewel in the crown in the world wide historic racing calendar.

Racecar have just a done a video to highlight the work involved in getting these fabulous old cars to the startline of the event which starts today in Brescia. 

Pictured below are JD Classics staff with Eliot Greave - also known as Example - and his wife Erin. Bellissima!

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