Isaac Tutumlu and Maxime Soulet take resounding win in GT Open

Isaac Tutumlu and Barzani Racing have taken their maiden overall win in the International GT Open.

Teaming up with Selleslagh Racing and the Chevrolet Corvette C6/ZR1 shared with Maxime Soulet they were unrivalled.

In the morning the Spanish driver of Kurdish ancestry snatched the pole position for race one posting a best lap of 1:46.745 in Q1. Then, in Q2, Soulet equaled Tutumlu´s performance and set a time of 1:46.690, meaning another pole position for race two.

Tutumlu made the first stint in Saturday'ss race, and he was able to keep leading the race at the start. Before long he pulled away from the field ahead of Andrea Montermini and Stefano Gattuso, more than four seconds behind before the pit-stop. Even when Tutumlu / Soulet had a twenty-second handicap for this race, it was not a barrier for them. Soulet closed the gap on Niccolò Schirò and passed him to win the race.

“It is incredible, and I could not even imagine something better, as I set pole position time, and then fastest lap and win. It was our maiden overall win for Barzani Racing Team and I in the series, so I am very happy”, Tutumlu commented.

Regarding the race, he pointed out “keeping our lead, I was pushing hard during three or four laps, and then I focused on avoiding any mistake or damage. I was controlling Montermini, an expert driver in the series with several drivers´ championships, and after our pit stop I was almost sure our chances to win were there. And finally it happened. I want to thank the kind reception at the team. I feel at home. Tomorrow our time handicap has still been increased but our goal is to collect as many points as possible for Jerez”.