Lime Rock Park-hosted Muddy Chef Challenge 3

Land Rovers to Climb Over Lime Rock(s)‏

Cooking - Shooting - Off Road Fun & Adventure

July 31,Aug 1,2,3,

Are any of you an LRTB (i.e., a Land Rover True Believer)?

Do you own a Land Rover/Range Rover from the Fifties or Sixties or Seventies or Eighties or – okay, you get it – any model from any era, brand-spankin’ new included?

And can you drive a decent grill?

Because if you are an LRTB and you own a Land Rover/Range Rover of any stripe and you enjoy making excellent food “on the road” – think The Great Race meets Top Chef – you definitely want to sign up for the Lime Rock Park-hosted “Muddy Chef Challenge 3,” July 31 through August 3.

Have we piqued your interest?

Then go to and read the whole gosh-darn home page; lots of great info, a terrific FAQ, an easy way to register – and a bunch of photos that explain better than words how cool this thing is.

Not to mention a beneficiary of MCC3 is Autism Speaks, one of the great charitable organizations out there.

First come, first served, so get to clicking!

Thank you,

Your Hungry, Rock-Climbing, Rootin'-Shootin' Friends at Lime Rock