Coys Athena Greece Auction

Coys Athena Greece Auction

For the second year running Coys are holding a sale in Greece with some interesting electic lots...including a supposedly genuine Lancia Stratos bodyshell

Without question - the Stratos original? chassis and separate lot with assorted parts - is an eye catching offering - brave man to bid - but what a project - estimated at €50-60k for both lots

To determine a value - lets assume the original stratos at the Le Mans Classic auction in July is estimated at €300,000 - €320,000.

This bodyshell presumably has no chassis number - but even with the spares has no engine and gearbox. Dino mechanicals are relatively commonplace - but I cannot imagine that this would be less than a €150,000 - €200,00k project to produce the finished article? And then what have you got? - A Stratos with an original? shell - made up with a load of original and fabricated parts - with no chassis number...which would mean that the project owes you probably €50,000 less than a no stories car? How the market would value the car when completed is anyone's guess - but definitely way south of €50,000 less than a real one...

Still - if it took you years to build it - an amazing project - and if you accepted that due to provenance issues - this would have to be a keeper - it's a great alternative to a kit offering.

Probably the most logical buyer would be Steve Perez to use as spares for his Stratos rallycar - but let's face it if you are a Stratos owner - these parts look cheap...

Other stuff that caught the eye...

1971 BMW 2002 historic rallycar - estimated at €30,000 - €38,000 - ready to go and an interesting alternative to an escort - and likely to get entries

1970 Mercedes Benz 600 - estimated at €15,000 - €20,000 - RHD and UK registered in need of restoration - library pic used - but if it was not too far gone - a rather scruffy louche wagon to cruise around town

1972 Lamborghini Espada - estimated at €68,000 - €75,000 - unrestored and good original condition - surely unique! - good history too

1974 Alfa Romeo Junior Bertone Coupe €4,000 - €6,000k - fitted with non original 2000 gtv engine - but it's cheap as chips if catalogue is correct it's a cheap alfa twink

1937 Cord 812 Cabriolet Supercharged - refer Coys - what presence! - stunning supercharged bad boy

1975 Porsche 911S - €20,000 - €25,000 - 1 of 900 to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Porsche - a no-brainer for a german or english dealer in todays aircooled market!

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