Exciting end to a difficult weekend for Oli Norris in CIK FIA European KF

ADD Motorsports driver Oli Norris put on a brilliant performance in the final of the CIK FIA European KF Championship.

The racer finished ninth after starting 33rd to end the weekend at Genk on a high.

After a difficult weekend and disappointing qualifying and pre final races, it was the perfect way to bow out of Round 3.

He said: “It wasn’t the best of weekends again but it was a good finish.

“I seemed to lose a bit of pace in qualifying that made it harder later on.

“But I was really aggressive in the final and it paid off, I made up the most places and came through strong.”

The team expected to be quite fast at Genk, but for some reason Oli struggled in qualifying, finishing 12th in his group and 33rd overall.

He started 17th in each of his heats, with the main worry to avoid the crashes which are a common occurrence on the first corner.

In Heat 1, Oli finished moved up to 7th early on but found himself pushed onto the dirt which left him in 12th.

Heat 2 was a steadier race, with Oli showing good pace to finish 10th.

Oli was more aggressive in the third heat and finished 10th again.

It meant he started the pre-final in 18th – moving up quite a few places.

But after getting caught up in a crash on the second corner – and finding himself on top of another kart – he found himself way off the pace by the time the karts were separated, and he could only finish 33rd.

Oli had a great start in the final, making up eight places immediately. After losing a few places in a crash, he raced aggressively for the remainder of the race, managing to finish ninth by the end and get one of the best lap times at the same time.

He added: “My speed was really good, it’s a shame the pre-final and qualifying finished how it did as things could have been a lot different.

“It was a really exciting final and nice to finish in this manner.

“It shows where we can be if things go our way – hopefully next time we’ll have a bit better luck.

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