Trident GP2 Race 1 review


After the great performance in qualifying that allowed Johnny to start from the pole position, today at the switching off of the lights, the start of the race was a bit shaky.

Cecotto pulled out in the second place position and unfortunately for the first laps suffered an understeer problem that subsequently vanished. In the first part of the race, Johnny found himself behind Palmer and demanded a lot on the tires that began to deteriorate quite soon. The lap times in any case were always great and for a couple of times, Cecotto had also obtained the best lap turning on the purple color on the monitor. After the change of the tires, the lap pace improved further, but by then it was too late to close the race in the podium positions. The sixth place position allows Johnny in any case to collect points for the final driver classification and to start from the second row in tomorrow's sprint race.

Final Position: P6Starting Position: P1Position after 1°lap: P2Tires on grid: Prime White MediumStrategy: Prime / OptionPit Stop: during 27° lap


Sergio was an author of a great start reaching the 13th place position from the first lap. Right away during the 7th lap, Canamasas who started with the tyre option, carried out a pit stop that was however uncertain and made him lose two seconds. In the second part of the race, the pace was surely good but Sergio found himself in the group, and given that it is not possible to surpass on this track, closed the race in the 15th position.

Final Position: P15Starting Position: P15Position after 1°lap: P13Tires on grid: Option Yellow SoftStrategy: Option / PrimePit Stop: during 7° lap