SGP 2014: Another podium finish for Hancock in Danish GP

We are now halfway through the Speedway GP season and after six events it’s two times world champ and the oldest man in the field Greg Hancock who leads the overall series.

GH scored yet another podium at the PARKEN stadium this weekend, where he reached his fifth Grand Final in a row, and that takes him ahead of current champion Tai Woffinden in the race for the title.

Out of the 15 permanent riders in the series, 14 have at least one GP win to their name and that shows just how exciting the series is this year, we’ve been treated to six awesome races and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The PARKEN stadium is an incredible venue and never provides anything less than 100% entertainment, the track can be bumpy and unpredictable and that leads to awesome action.

It was a tough night for the Monster Energy boys early on and they all needed a result in their last qualifying heat to make the semi-final’s but they kept their nerve, did the business and put themselves in the mix for the win.

Darcy and Greg lined up against each other alongside Australian Troy Batchelor, who had gone through the card, and Jarek Hampel but it was the old master Greg who got the place in the final with a masterclass in defending your position.

In the other semi Tai Woffinden faced up against three home favourites and the crowd was wild for the Danish trio. Tai was left in third from the start and he spent four laps eating dirt chasing the back wheel of eventual winner Niels-Kristian Iversen, but he just couldn’t find a way past and his night ended on nine points.

The Danish dans were craving a home winner in what was the last Speedway GP event at PARKEN and they didn’t leave disappointed as the fast-starting Iversen held off Batchelor’s assault to win his third ever Grand Prix and turn the stadium into one huge box of noise.

It was a fitting end to the Copenhagen GP era and we were even graced with the presence of royalty - Crown Prince Frederik was on hand to watch his countryman grab the win - but now we move on to the biggest event on the calendar.

In two weeks time over 45,000 people will make a pilgrimage to Cardiff and the Millennium Stadium for the British Grand Prix, can home hero Woffinden do the business? We can’t wait to find out…

Danish Grand Prix Result:

1 - Niels-Kristian Iversen - 16 points2 - Troy Batchelor - 20 points3 - Greg Hancock - 11 points4 - Peter Kildemand 15 points

Series Top Eight

1 - Greg Hancock - 73 points2 - Tai Woffinden - 72 points3 - Niels-Kristian Iversen - 62 points4 - Nicki Pedersen - 60 points5 - Matej Zagar- 60 points6 - Darcy Ward - 60 points7 - Chris Holder - 55 points8 - Jaroslaw Hampel- 54 points