Red Bull Silverstone qualifying review

SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: 2nd, (3rd Practice – P1, 1:52.522)“It was very tight in Q1 and Q2, we were quite late going out due to the weather and then in Q3 we were quite early for the final run, but it didn’t matter as in the end the time was okay. It’s hard to know how much you can push when the conditions are like that as you’re driving into the unknown. The warm up lap shows you that it's damp and you know it will improve, but by how much is obviously determined by how much risk you take. It seems in the end I took the right amount today, so I’m happy.”DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 8th, (3rd Practice – P2, 1:52.631)“I didn’t expect it to go quicker at the end of the session there, as the rain kept coming. We really thought the track wouldn’t get quicker, Vettel only went out as he didn’t have a time at that point. We have to learn from it I guess – I’m gobsmacked how much faster the circuit got, it must dry a lot quicker here than I thought. We’ll move forwards from there tomorrow.”CHRISTIAN HORNER: “A very tricky qualifying today in all three sessions and the weather played a part in all three sectors. The guys did well to navigate their way through into Q3 and Sebastian did a tremendous job at the end of the session to secure our sixth front row start at Silverstone. Unfortunately we misjudged the conditions at the end of Q3, so apologies to Daniel, he didn’t go again as he had already set a time. With both cars well up the field on a mixed up grid for tomorrow, hopefully we can have a strong race from there.”THIERRY SALVI: “A very tight qualifying for us today, but naturally we are very pleased to start on the front row with Seb. Due to the weather it was very close for our drivers to get out of Q1 and the rest of the session was a bit of a gamble. Managing the fuel and tyres and the run plan with the changing conditions is always a big challenge. Seb did a great job to put the car in second place, but unfortunately Daniel did not have the opportunity to challenge. The race tomorrow will be difficult as we’ll have to fight against strong competitors to stay close to the front, particularly if the weather comes into play.”DRIVEN TO RACEDespite the hours everyone working in F1 puts in, everyone in the team is very passionate about what they do.

Parts and Logistics Group Leader Matt Disney, explains why for him being based at the factory is just as thrilling as being trackside…How did you get involved in motorsport?When I was a boy I was always interested in cars and trucks and when I was 14 I was lucky enough to be involved in a driving club, which let you drive your parents car and had karting days and track days. I left school at 16 and got an apprenticeship with a bus & coach company near Sheffield. I saw a job advertised with Arrows and applied. I got it and started as a storeman. When the team folded I did a lot of other things, I was a storeman at Brise Norton RAF base, drove a forklift at the Oxford Mini factory and then I got a job at Williams. After a year, that led to here. I started in parts and now I’m Parts and Logistics Group Leader.What does that involve?There’s a flow of parts to the team in testing and at race weekends and we’ve got to get them there as efficiently as possible. Obviously a lot of it is planned in advance, but there are always new things being developed and there’s huge pressure to get those parts to the track as quickly as we can. We use cars, trains and planes! One of the most memorable was when we had the Ash Cloud [caused by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010]. Some parts were needed by the team in Shanghai and we managed to get them on the last flight out of France, just before they closed the airspace. That was brilliant.So even though, you’re based at the factory, you have a close connection to the race team?I think we have a connection to every department here, from accounts, who authorise any last-minute costs, to design and manufacturing. It’s a fantastic job, but one that comes with a huge amount of pressure. Everything changes so quickly. You go for a meeting, come back and the world has moved on. But that’s the attraction. The pressure is intense but the great thing about working here is the people, throughout the team. We’re able to have a good laugh in what we do but everybody is incredibly professional too. And when you organise something and the bits arrive on time, are put on the car and they work and you can see the result then that’s very, very satisfying.