Riccardo Agostini claims a top five in GP3 race 2

A weekend of rising towards the top for Riccardo Agostini who in his second appearance in the GP3 Series finishied within the top-5.

On Saturday he finished sixth in Race 1 with an amazing performance on the track, after starting from the eighth position on the grid. In Race 2 on Sunday, the Hilmer Motorsport driver outdid himself by finishing fifth after a start from the second row.

Initially hampered by the indecisive conduct of Dino Zamparelli who started from a position ahead of him on the grid, Agostini found himself sixth at the start, later contesting with the British Dean Stoneman. A one-on-one ended with a sensational overtaking in an historical point of the track, the Copse turn (scene of many famous duels), where the Italian managed to find his way in, gaining a definite lead over his opponent.

Fifth at the finish line, Agostini scored important points, thus gaining the 11th position in the general standings. This was also a boost for his team, which advanced in the teams’ standings.

After a week’s break, on the 19th and 20th of July, will follow the Hockenheim round, at the Hilmer Motorsport’s home track, and then, just seven days later, the Hungaroring, where, two years ago, he gained a podium and a second place in the F3 Italian Series (thus paving his way up to the championship title) and where, one year later in 2013, he got on the podium during the Auto GP championship.